Amir Hussain Lone: Para Cricketer Who Met Sachin Tendulkar, Played First Ball In ISPL

Lone always wanted to become a cricketer like his idol Tendulkar and represent India but due to an unfortunate accident in 1997, he lost his both arms while playing in his father's sawmill, just at the age of eight

Photo: X/ @sachin_rt
Sachin Tendulkar (L) and Amir Hussain Lone wore t-shirts with each other's names in the Indian Street Premier League inauguration match. Photo: X/ @sachin_rt

Legend cricketer Sachin Tendulkar recently shared a video of a para cricketer from Jammu & Kashmir - Amir Hussain Lone, who plays cricket without having both of his arms. Master Blaster seemed very impressed with his innovative shots and his stance.

The 34-year-old passionate para cricketer Lone is Jammu & Kashmir's captain of the para-cricket team and bowls spin bowling with his toes. Last month, Sachin saw a video of his batting and was left awestruck by his grit and dedication to the sport. He promised to meet him soon and kept his promise while on holiday in Kashmir with his family.

"It was such an overwhelming feeling that someone of the stature of Sachin sir came to meet me," Lone told ESPNcricinfo. "Even talking about it, my happiness knows no boundaries. The way he welcomed me, I don't have words to express my joy. I spoke to him for around one hour. We spoke about cricket, my journey, and where I have played matches. I then showed him my technique, the straight drive, and cover drive.

In a video posted on Tendulkar's social media accounts, he presents Lone with a signed bat and a message: "To Amir, the real hero, keep inspiring."

Lone always wanted to become a cricketer like his idol Tendulkar and represent India but due to an unfortunate accident in 1997, he lost his both arms while playing in his father's sawmill, just at the age of eight.

But he never doubted himself and kept practising for the batting. He grips the bat under his chin and area around his shoulder and plays beautiful shots including cover drive, pull shot and straight drive.

"I did not give up," he says. "I wanted to go forward in life and I worked hard, day in and day out, to become a cricketer like Sachin."

People around him discouraged his passion for cricket and his friends who used to play with him, turned faces. He had ambitions beyond cricket, teaching himself to become self-sufficient by learning how to eat, use a mobile phone, and perform most tasks that a fully-abled person can do, all with the use of his legs.

Last year in November, the bollywood actor Vicky Kaushal expressed his desire to star in Amir Hussain Lone's biopic after watching his video and how he excelled in his craft.

"I worked day and night. And slowly I developed my skills to the extent that I started playing with fully-abled people," Lone said. "Most of the matches that I was playing were with normal people. I used to face fast bowlers and that too with a leather ball. I did not play with a tennis ball. I also bowl with a leather ball by holding it in my right leg. I have no problems at the moment, but to reach there, I really struggled."

In 2013, Lone's career as a para-cricketer began when he attended Degree College Bijbehera. One of his coaches was impressed by his skills and suggested that he should enrol in a para-cricket camp being held in the state.

"When I enrolled in college, I saw a few players practicing with the coach. One of them asked me if I wanted to play, and I immediately said yes," Lone said. "I just played defensive shots. I didn't try to hit fours, didn't try to go for the big hits and batted for around 30 minutes.

"The coach really appreciated my batting skills. He said that he bowled every kind of delivery, offspin, legspin, fast. He informed me of a para camp. When the camp began, I was selected in one of the teams and we played some matches. I remained not out in those games and was immediately named J&K para team captain. I played my first national game in Delhi the same month."

Since then, Lone has participated in several para-cricket games, both in India and abroad. He has received many awards and had the opportunity to meet various renowned cricketers. However, whenever he talks about his encounter with Tendulkar, his eyes light up with excitement.

Lone recently participated in the Indian Street Premier League's (ISPL) inauguration match where Sachin Tendulkar invited him to play the first ball of the tournament. Former Indian cricketer Irfan Pathan also lauded the Indian great's gesture. Lone also stopped a ball with his feet brilliantly that was going towards the boundary.

"Defying odds with every delivery, Amir stands out as the REAL LEG SPINNER. You are an inspiration to all," wrote Tendulkar on his X (formerly Twitter) handle after the match.

Amir Hussain Lone is a testament to great will and sheer brilliance. He came out of adversity to make a name for himself in the love of his life - Cricket.