5 Weapons That Make Dmitry Menshikov A Terrifying Muay Thai Striker

The Russian star will battle Mouhcine Chafi in a lightweight Muay Thai clash on December 8 at ONE Fight Night 17.

5 Weapons That Make Dmitry Menshikov A Terrifying Muay Thai Striker

Russian knockout artist Dmitry Menshikov will soon return to Bangkok’s Lumpinee Boxing Stadium for a lightweight Muay Thai tilt against Spanish-Moroccan standout Mouhcine Chafi at ONE Fight Night 17: Kryklia vs. Roberts on Prime Video.

Slated to air live in U.S. primetime on December 8, that matchup will be Menshikov’s chance to take one massive step closer to a World Title rematch with reigning divisional king Regian “The Immortal” Eersel.

Before the action gets underway at ONE’s historic all-Muay Thai event, we dive into the weapons that have made the Prokopyevsk native one of the planet’s most feared strikers.

#1 His Show-Stopping Right Hand

Owning an impressive 71 percent knockout rate across 28 career victories, Menshikov undoubtedly does his best work with a ruthless boxing attack, earning a reputation as one of the sport’s most devastating punchers.

At the center of his approach is a massive right hand, whether he throws it straight down the middle, over his opponent’s guard, or as an uppercut targeting the chin.

The 25-year-old successfully employed that weapon in his most recent appearance – a highlight-reel knockout of Rungrawee Sitsongpeenong in September at ONE Fight Night 14.

#2 His Piercing Jab

When he’s not bombing his opposition with the right hand, Menshikov utilizes a picture-perfect, thudding jab.

Fighting out of the orthodox stance, he seemingly has an innate ability to stab through his rival’s guard, causing damage and setting up his other attacks.

#3 His Lead Left Hook To The Body

The Russian’s elite boxing game doesn’t stop there. In addition to his concussive right hand and piston-like jab, he also possesses a brutal left hook to the body.

This soul-stealing punch targets the liver, making it just as much of a knockout threat as blows directed to his foe’s head.

#4 His Knee Strikes To The Head

Of course, Menshikov is much more than a boxer, as he possesses a full arsenal of Muay Thai attacks.

To that end, he loves to throw big knee strikes, typically targeting his opponent’s head. Whether he attacks with knees in the clinch or jumps in from long range, he always throws them with the knockout in mind.

#5 His Crippling Leg Kicks

Perhaps the most overlooked part of the lightweight’s game is his simple – yet extremely powerful – leg kick.

While he might throw fewer overall kicks than many of his Thai counterparts, Menshikov has proven to be a capable and dangerous leg-kicker, able to significantly hinder his opponent’s movement after just a handful of these vicious lower-body strikes.

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