For Your Eyes Only!

Your eyes are a barometer of your health. If you are myopic, here’s some diet and other tips to help improve your vision.

For Your Eyes Only!

“Aankhein Hai Toh Jahaan Hai”(If you’ve eyes, you have the whole world). That’s my mother’s favourite phrase.

I agree, but it’s a bit late now-I’m myopic. Today, In the digital era, even a toddler uses a smartphone, which inevitably damages his or her delicate eye muscles.

As William Shakespeare put it, “ The Eyes are the window to your soul.” Eyes are amongst the most important and functional body parts. A little gaze can reveal many emotions. In fact, diabetes is detected through an eye exam. Puzzled? There are many interesting facts about the eyes that scientists are still figuring out.

Did you know, 80 per cent of the information you take in becomes possible because of the eyes? Eyes are responsible to send brain critical signals. For instance, imagine you’re having a bad day, nose is blocked due to a strong cold, taste buds have lost tasting sense, and someone brings you a cup of coffee. How would you know if it’s a hot or cold drink? That’s right, eyes help to take impulsive decisions. The hot coffee will have vapours which can be seen by eyes and the brain immediately sends a signal to alert our system.

Here are a few pointers you must remember to maintain eye health:

1) Try to blink as much as possible. We often overlook this, but sufficient blinking helps to prevent dryness and eye irritation.

2) Change your focus or direction after every 30 minutes. Look at a far-sighted object to relax eye muscles

3) A rich and nutritious diet keeps eye diseases at bay. Try and follow a healthy diet plan.

4) UV rays adversely affect your eyes. Always wear sunglasses while stepping out in the scorching sun.

5) Never use expired eye-makeup products. It is a safer practice to change your mascara or liquid eye-products at least once every 6 months.

Don’t forget to take Vitamin-See!

Try to add these healthy foods to your regular diet and let the healing begin..

Seafood - Salmon, Tuna, and oysters contain omega-3 fatty acids and essential minerals like zinc which eliminates the risk of eye diseases.

Antioxidant, lutein has some amazing properties which improve vision naturally. Swiss chard, zucchini, Brussels sprouts are some of the foods that contain lutein in good amount.

Citrus fruits like oranges and blueberries help to fight cataracts and macular degeneration because they are rich sources of vitamin C

Vitamin A and lutein altogether can speed up the process of improving eyesight naturally. Green leafy veggies like spinach, kale, collards, and carrots are rich in Vitamin A and Lutein. Thus, it is important to include them in your daily diet.

 Youngsters suffering from myopia (especially with a cylindrical number) can follow this special recipe and feel the positive impact.

 Doting Indian parents go to any limits to keep their children healthy. And they often follow age-old remedies, passed on from generation to generation.

Here is Grandma’s recipe, or you can call it a magical remedy, for your eyes.


· Almonds: 100 gm

· Dakhni Mirch or white pepper 25 gm

· Mishri or Rock Sugar: 50 g

· Sauf or Fennel seeds 50g

· Walnuts 100g

Method of Preparation:-

-Take a pan and fry almonds, fennel seeds, walnuts, and white pepper in Pure Desi Ghee.

-When they turn light crispy and light golden, turn the flame off

-Now mix all the ingredients (almonds, fennel seeds, walnuts, rock sugar, and white pepper) and grind well in a mixer

-The recipe is good to go and the powdery mixture can be preserved for 3 months.

How to consume?

-Take 2 tbsp of powder with lukewarm milk in the morning, preferably on an empty stomach.

-Continue use for 3 months, and you will feel the difference from the first month itself.

Let your eyes do the talking..