Telengana: For Women Less Clothing Is A Problem, Says State Home Minister Mahmood Ali

After a few female students were asked to remove their burqa before taking an examination at KV Ranga Reddy College in Hyderabad, the Telangana Home Minister condemned the act and further said less clothing can be a problem for women but more clothes should put people at peace.


Women in burqa. (Representative image).

Telangana Home Minister Mahmood Ali condemned the act of a Hyderabad college when they asked a few girl students to remove their burqa before appearing for a test. He also commented that for women, European dress or less clothing is a problem but people should be at peace with more clothes.

According to reports, a few girl students at KV Ranga Reddy College in Santosh Nagar, Hyderabad who were appearing for the Urdu medium degree examination on Saturday were allegedly asked to remove their burqa before taking the examination.

Reportedly Telangana Home Minister Mahmood Ali has condemned the incident and has also assured that perpetrators will not be left without punishment. Ali also spoke about women's clothing and how less of it can be a problem for them.


What did Mahmood Ali say?

Mahmood Ali reportedly said, "Some Headmaster or Principal might be doing this but our policy is totally secular. People can wear whatever they want."He added, "Nowhere it is written that a burqa can't be worn. We will take action.".

Further, speaking about what women should wear, he reportedly said, "If you wear European dress, it will not be correct. We should wear good clothes, especially women." He added, "For women, if they are in less clothing it might be a problem. People will be at peace if they wear more clothes."

What did the students say?


One of the female students who was allegedly restricted from wearing a burqa to her examination, told the media, "College authorities forced us to remove our burqa before entering the examination centre. They asked us to wear the burqa outside."

The female students of KV Ranga Reddy College who were allegedly stopped from wearing a burqa to the examination have reportedly claimed that the college management and the college staff stopped them that day.

Reportedly the female students further said that because of this incident, they were prevented from sitting for the exam for about half an hour and some of the girls took off their burqa and took the test. The reports also say that the parents of the students had gone to Mahmood Ali to complain about the issue.