Wednesday, Aug 10, 2022

Saudi Arabia Condemns Controversial Remarks Of BJP Leader Against Prophet Mohammed

Saudi Arabia has become the fourth nation to denounce the statement made by Nupur Sharma against the Prophet after Qatar, Iran and Kuwait.

Nupur Sharma Twitter/Nupur Sharma

Saudi Arabia on Monday joined Qatar, Iran and Kuwait to express its condemnation of the controversial remarks of a BJP leader against Prophet Mohammed and called for "respect for beliefs and religions."

In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its condemnation and denunciation of the statements made by the BJP spokesperson, saying it insulted Prophet Mohammed.

The ministry reiterated its "permanent rejection of prejudice against the symbols of the Islamic religion." It also rejected anything that give rise to prejudice against "all religious figures and symbols."

While welcoming the measures taken by the BJP to suspend the spokeswoman, the ministry reaffirmed the "Kingdom’s position calling for respect for beliefs and religions".

Qatar, Iran and Kuwait on Sunday summoned India's Ambassadors and the key Gulf nations expressed their strong protest and condemnation of the controversial remarks of a BJP leader against Prophet Mohammed.

Seeking to defuse a diplomatic row, spokespersons of the Indian Embassy in Qatar and Kuwait said on Sunday that the Ambassadors "conveyed that the tweets do not, in any manner, reflect the views of the Government of India. These are the views of fringe elements."

In New Delhi, the BJP on Sunday suspended its national spokesperson Nupur Sharma and expelled its Delhi media head Naveen Kumar Jindal after their controversial remarks against the Prophet.

Amid protests by Muslim groups over the remarks, the party also issued a statement aimed at assuaging the concerns of minorities and distancing itself from these members, asserting that it respects all religions and strongly denounces the insult of any religious personality.

The controversial remarks also sparked a Twitter trend in the Arab world calling for a boycott of Indian products.

The Grand Mufti of Oman, Sheikh Al-Khalili and Islamic scholar Sheikh Muhammad al-Hassan al-Dido al-Shanqiti are among the influential people who have called for the boycott.

“The brazen and obscene pretentiousness of the official spokesman of the ruling extremist party in India against the messenger of Islam, peace and blessings be upon him, and his pure wife, Mother of the Believers, Ayesha, may Allah be pleased with her, is a war against every Muslim in the east and west of the earth, and it is a matter that calls for all Muslims to rise as one nation,” the Mufti tweeted.

(with inputs from PTI)