Punjab CM Unveils Statue Of Freedom Fighter Teja Singh Sutantar

On Wednesday, Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann unveiled a statue of freedom fighter Teja Singh Sutantar at his native village to mark his 50th death anniversary.

Bhagwant Mann

Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann on Wednesday unveiled a statue of freedom fighter Teja Singh Sutantar at his native village to mark his 50th death anniversary.
Recalling the contribution of Sutantar, the chief minister described him as an "iconic" leader of the national freedom struggle.
He also remembered the services rendered by the legendary freedom fighter as an eminent parliamentarian, according to an official release.
Mann said the life and contribution of Sutantar will inspire people, especially the youth, to serve the country selflessly.
He batted for conferring Bharat Ratna on those "legendary" martyrs who sacrificed their lives during the national freedom struggle, saying it will enhance the prestige of the highest civilian award.
These martyrs deserve this award because they made supreme sacrifices for emancipating the country from foreign clutches. Unfortunately, it has not happened even after 75 years of independence, he said.
Noting that the awardees are selected by a high-level committee led by the prime minister, Mann said, "Ironically two past prime ministers from the Congress party had recommended their names for this prestigious award.”
Slamming the Centre for “muzzling the voice of opposition”, the CM said it is unfortunate that the people in power are not ready to listen to any voice of dissent.
Anyone who speaks against their "friends" is thrown out of Parliament, which is totally against the spirit of democracy, he said.
Mann said this trend needs to be checked as great national heroes like Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Kartar Singh Sarabha, and Comrade Teja Singh Sutantar had not envisioned such a democracy in the country.

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