Mobocracy seems to have taken over Democracy: WB Guv CV Ananda Bose

West Bengal Governor CV Ananda Bose has been visiting places in the state after reports of violence have come forward regarding panchayat poll nominations. He went to Canning in Soth 24 Parganas district following the death of a Trinamool Congress activist in a clash.

The new West Bengal Governor Dr CV Ananda Bose

West Bengal Governor CV Ananda Bose on Saturday evening visited Canning in South 24 Parganas district following the death of a TMC  activist in a clash over filing of nomination papers for the panchayat polls there, and said that "mobocracy seems to have taken over democracy" in the state.

Bose’s visit to Canning came a day after he went to Bhangore in the same district, where three persons were killed in violence between two political parties.

After speaking to locals, police officers, and members of opposition political parties, the governor said he has seen among the common people a lack of confidence to exercise their franchise as there were "intimidation, strongarm tactics and flexing of muscles".

Sources in the Raj Bhavan said that Bose cancelled his scheduled trip to Chennai to visit Canning.

"I had seen for myself what happened here. I have heard the tales of woe that were narrated to me by the victims. I am deeply distressed. This is not at all an acceptable situation. The common man has got the right to exercise this franchise without fear or favour. I find a lack of confidence among them.

“This goes against the basic tenets of democracy. Mobocracy seems to have taken over Democracy," the governor told reporters. At least five people were killed in West Bengal in clashes since last week over the filing of nomination papers for the June 8 panchayat polls.

Bose first went to Canning Hospital More and spoke to locals and opposition party leaders who complained of being unable to file nominations. He then held a meeting with senior officials of the administration and police at the Irrigation Department office.

"The governor is the custodian of the Constitution and he has to defend the rights of the common man. I am determined to stand by the people to see that their right to free and fair election is guaranteed," he said.

Bose’s visit did not go down well with the ruling Trinamool Congress which accused him of functioning like a “BJP agent”.

TMC spokesperson Kunal Ghosh alleged that the Governor was "maligning" the TMC based on allegations of the CPI(M), Congress and the BJP.

Senior TMC MP Kalyan Banerjee said, “Is the governor a political agent? Why didn't he visit those who died in the train accident? If someone from Trinamool dies, he doesn't go there."

 A number of people who were killed in the June 2 Odisha train crash were from West Bengal.