'Kutta Pagal Ho Gaya Hai': Jaipur Municipal Corporation's Website Goes Viral For Its Relatable Hinglish Complaint Options

Bidding adieu to formal language, the corporation has now introduced 'Hinglish' complaint options on its website, in a bid to make the sub-categories more relatable for the complainant

Jaipur municipal corporation website introduced 'Hinglish' complaint options Photo: X

Have you got a complaint to lodge with the Jaipur Municipal Corporation? Filing a complaint with the municipal authorities – regarding the stray dog menace and other civic issues – has long been a concern for residents of the Pink City. Bidding adieu to formal language and its complexities, the corporation has now introduced 'Hinglish' complaint options on its website, in a bid to make the sub-categories more relatable for the complainant.

On Wednesday, a screenshot of the website's Hinglish interface went viral on social media platforms and received mixed reactions. While some praised the developer's creativity, highlighting the positive reception to the site's innovative design, at the same time the post led to criticism of Hinglish, sparking widespread interest among netizens, with some calling the options ‘crazy and hilarious’.

For instance, if one wants to complain in the subcategory of stray animals, the options given by the website are:

“Kutte bohat ho gaye hain" (There are too many dogs)

“Ghade bohat ho gaye hai" (There are too many donkeys)

“Bander bohat hogaye hai” (There are too many donkeys)

"Kutta pagal ho gaya hai pakadwana hai (Dog has gone mad, needs to be caught)"

Similarly in the category addressing sewer issues, the website offers options such as:

"Gaadi nahi rukti hai teji se chali jati hai" for speedy garbage trucks

"Colony ke bahar dustbin khali karna hai" for overflowing bins outside colonies

“Nali ki safai karani hai (Sewer needs to be cleaned)”

According to residents, the website options are bridging the gap between formal Hindi or English and the colloquial language. "With the usage of Hinglish, I think the complaint process is more accessible and relatable for residents. I wasn’t aware of this revamping of the website but after I received a screenshot, I checked the website and saw these options there. I could relate to these," Suresh Sharma, a resident of Jaipur told Outlook.

Another resident said, “Now residents can easily spot their issues without struggling with complex language. Stray dog and sewer menace is a common issue faced by people in Rajasthan and filing a complaint wasn’t an easy job,” said Santosh Devi, another resident of Jaipur.

While the options received some positive and mostly hilarious responses from netizens, at the same time, some even suggested that the sensitivity of language should be taken care of, especially while writing about stray animals.