Fridge, Agarbatti And A Netflix Show: How Did Aftab Plan Murder Of His Live-In Partner Shraddha?

Aftab learned from Google how to remove the blood stains and disposed the cloths of to remove even traces of evidence.

Aftab who chopped his live-in partner's body into 35 pieces

The world perhaps would have been a better place had there been no way to remove the stains of blood.

The gruesome murder of Shraddha, the 26 year old woman whose body had been chopped into 35 pieces and stored in a 300 litre fridge prior to being disposed of across Delhi by her live-in partner Aftab Poonewala, if has already made us sleepless, unearthing of the planning by the murderer shakes our conscience.

In the primary investigation and through social media dig-in, the police have found out how Aftab planned the whole execution and then had put his efforts to remove the evidences.

Here is all that shivers us to the bones.

How did Aftab and Shraddha meet?

Aftab met Shraddha through an online dating app. After a certain time, they started working in the same call centre in Mumbai and fell for each other.

Their families didn’t accept the relationship as they belonged to different faiths. In this context, they planned to shift to Delhi.

Meanwhile in April and May, they went to Himachal Pradesh and on May 15 shifted to the new Chhatarpur Pahadi flat. Within three days their fight over marriage took an ugly turn and Aftab strangled her on May 20, as per the primary police investigation.

What did Aftab do to hide the Evidences?

Aftab, as revealed to the police was influenced by the Netflix crime show ‘Dexter’. His search history unearths that he learned human anatomy from Google and then chopped the body into 35 pieces.

He stored body parts into a 300 litre fridge. To avoid stench, as per his confession, he used agarbatti or incense sticks.

From Google, he reportedly learnt how to remove the blood stains. He cleaned the floor with those chemicals and disposed of the clothes. Every night around 2 am, he used to leave from his house with some body parts to throw it away across Mehrauli forests.

Impersonating as Shraddha to avoid suspicion

After killing Shraddha, Aftab went on to impersonate her in the social media up to June 9. He continued to post on her behalf and chatted with her friends.

It was only in September, one of Shraddha’s friend told her brother that her mobile phone has been switched off for long. Shraddha’s family whose calls she stopped taking up for long also couldn’t find any social media update in between.

How did the Police find it?

Shraddha’s father came to Delhi in November and went to her flat only to find it locked.

He then complained to the police and charged Aftab with kidnapping. He has also told police that Aftab had been abusive and used to regularly hit his daughter.

Police have been trying to reach a few of Aftab’s friends who had met him before he settled down with Shraddha. As the body parts have been scattered by Aftab, it is expectedly difficult for police to collate the evidences. It is only possible through the DNA testing.

Meanwhile speaking to India Today, Shraddha’s father said he wants Aftab to be hanged.

Aftab is currently in a five-days custody of police and reportedly had been taken to Mehrauli forest to identify the body parts.