Cong Leader Shares 'Horrifying Experience' On IndiGo Flight Says, 'It Took Off Without The ACs On'

Congress leader Amarinder Singh Raja Warring has taken to Twitter to share his experience while travelling in an IndiGo flight with faulty air conditioners and the passengers 'made to suffer' throughout the journey.


ACs not working inside an IndiGo flight.

Punjab Congress president Amarinder Singh Raja Warring shared his experience on a flight on Saturday which he recalled as "one of the most horrifying experiences while traveling from Chandigarh to Jaipur".

Warring asked the Directorate General of Civil Aviation and the Airports Authority of India to look into the matter and take strict action to solve the issue after he complained of the passengers suffering due to faulty air conditioners inside the flight. He also mentioned that the air hostesses were giving out tissues to the passengers to wipe off their sweat.

Warring on Twitter wrote, “Had one of the most horrifying experiences while traveling from Chandigarh to Jaipur today in Aircraft 6E7261 by @IndiGo6E. We were made to wait for about 10-15 minutes in the queue in the scorching sun and when we entered the Plane, to our shock, the ACs weren't working and the flight took off without the ACs on! Right from the take off to landing, the ACs were off and all the passengers were made to 'Suffer' throughout the journey."


He further said, “No one addressed the serious concern during the flight. In fact, the air hostess ‘generously’ distributed tissue papers to the passengers to wipe off their sweat. Most of the passengers including women and children were restless and agitated… It was clearly a major technical issue but the authorities concerned just wanted to mince money that is why the health and comfort of the passengers was put at stake,” as he also added a video showing his fellow passengers fanning themselves and the air hostesses handing out tissues to everyone. 

The Congress leader was on an IndiGo flight and earlier there have been several incidents where passengers claimed to have experienced faulty air conditioners, technical glitches and emergency landings on the flights of this company. 


A passenger in 2018 complained of suffocation while travelling from Delhi to Kolkata on an Indigo flight because the air conditioners were not working properly inside the flight.

According to reports, on August 4 an IndiGo flight going to Delhi from Patna made an emergency landing three minutes after it took off due to technical glitches. Meanwhile, another Ranchi-bound flight made a landing at Delhi airport where it took off an hour back due to similar technical glitches on the same day.