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Where Is The Jennifer Garner's Iconic Versace Dress From '13 Going On 30'?

Do you remember Jennifer Garner's Iconic Versace Dress From '13 Going On 30'? Well, it's missing!

Jennifer Garner

13 Going on 30 holds a special place in the hearts of many. In the 2000s rom-com cinematic universe, being a writer or editor at a women’s magazine was perhaps the ultimate fantasy — and a popular narrative trope. Not only does such a character have a fabulous job (or not) and, inevitably, fall in love thanks to the most unexpected meet-cutes, but they also get to wear some pretty stylish outfits.

20 years later, the beloved rom-com, starring Jennifer Garner as Jenna Rink, continues to captivate audiences with its endearing storyline and unforgettable fashion choices. And we still can't get over the iconic Versace mini dress worn by Garner's character. However, the dress is apparently MISSING.

The journey of this dress began amidst the whimsical narrative of 13 Going on 30. After a transformative experience on her 13th birthday, Jenna Rink wakes up to find herself in her adult form, navigating the bustling streets of Manhattan in a whirlwind of confusion. Clad in a pink silk Carine Gilson nightgown, adorned with a polka-dot Nanette Lepore coat, high heels, and a silver sequin Fendi baguette, Jenna's impromptu ensemble inadvertently becomes a symbol of serendipitous chicness, perfectly befitting her role as a fashion editor.

Costume designer Susie DeSanto meticulously curated Jenna's wardrobe, selecting designer pieces that reflected the character's youthful and optimistic outlook. Among these sartorial treasures, the pièce de résistance emerged: a Versace mini dress adorned with rhinestone-embellished straps and a cutout empire waist, boasting a vibrant colour palette of turquoise, lime green, and maroon. This stunning creation, reminiscent of Versace's Spring-Summer 2003 runway show, captured the essence of Jenna's vivacious spirit.

Accessorized with colourful Swarovski crystal jewellery by Tarina Tarantino, including a blue butterfly statement necklace, the Versace dress became synonymous with Jenna's exuberant personality. Its appearance during a memorable party scene, where Jenna charms attendees into a synchronized dance routine to Michael Jackson's "Thriller," solidified its status as a cultural icon.

In the years following the film's release, the Versace dress has transcended its cinematic origins to become a cherished artefact for rom-com aficionados and fashion enthusiasts alike. Its influence has permeated popular culture, inspiring Y2K fashion trends and garnering attention from celebrities such as Ariana Grande, who paid homage to the film by wearing the dress on an episode of "The Voice."

Despite its widespread acclaim, the whereabouts of the iconic Versace dress have become a topic of speculation. Reports suggest that the garment, once a prized possession of cinematic history, is now missing. The circumstances surrounding its disappearance remain shrouded in mystery.

During a chat with Cosmopolitan US to mark the film's anniversary, members of the cast and crew, including Costume Designer Susie DeSanto, expressed uncertainty regarding the dress's fate. DeSanto admitted, "We don’t even know where the dress is."

Jennifer Garner, reflecting on the dress's legacy, remarked, "I can’t believe this dress has taken on a whole life of its own. I did not keep one stitch of clothes from that movie. The dress went back to the warehouse and actually showed up on a background player in Sex and the City at some point. And then it just disappeared. Nobody knows where it is. Somebody has that dress."

However, in another interview with People, Susie shared a different perspective, saying, "I have a theory about that. We were based in Los Angeles. There weren't many of those Versace dresses to begin with. It was a very limited run, so I think somebody found that dress in a consignment store in New York [for Sex and the City]. I don't think it was Jen's dress. Her dress went into a warehouse, and I sadly think it's in a landfill somewhere. Who knows where it is?"

As the search for the missing dress continues, Susie DeSanto reflects on the enduring legacy of "13 Going on 30" and its impact on popular culture. "It's a phenomenon," she remarks, acknowledging the film's timeless appeal.