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Man Sets New Guinness World Record With Over 34,000 Big Macs Eaten

Don Gorske would consume up to nine Big Macs a day, earning him a reputation as one of McDonald's most dedicated customers.

Don Gorske

Don Gorske, a 70-year-old retired prison officer from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, has defied expectations by not only living into his seventies but also extending his Guinness World Record for the most Big Macs eaten in a lifetime to over 34,000.

Gorske's remarkable journey with Big Macs began on May 17, 1972, when he had his first one and declared he would eat them for the rest of his life. Since that day, he has meticulously kept track of every Big Mac he's eaten, along with the containers and receipts.

Despite warnings from health experts about the dangers of regular fast-food consumption, Gorske remained steadfast in his devotion to Big Macs. At the peak of his habit, he would consume up to nine Big Macs a day, earning him a reputation as one of McDonald's most dedicated customers.

However, in recent years, Gorske has made some adjustments to his routine. He now limits himself to two Big Macs a day, skips fries, and walks six miles daily for exercise. These changes have not only helped him maintain his health but also allowed him to continue enjoying his favorite food.

Although Gorske's love for Big Macs has faced skepticism from some, including his own mother, he has remained undeterred. Despite relentless teasing from inmates during his time as a prison guard, Gorske's dedication to his favorite food has never wavered.

In 1999, Gorske was officially recognized by Guinness World Records for his extraordinary achievement, and he has continued to add to his tally ever since. In 2023 alone, he consumed 728 Big Macs, bringing his total to an impressive 34,128.

Gorske shows no signs of slowing down and maintains that he will continue to eat Big Macs for as long as he can. His unwavering commitment to his favorite food serves as a testament to his unique journey and resilience.

"When I like something, I stick with it all the time," Gorske remarked. "People who have watched me eating a Big Mac often comment that I look like I'm eating one for the very first time."