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Jennie Kim Takes Fashion By Storm With Show-Stopping Jacquemus Runway Debut

Blackpink's Jennie Kim made a stunning runway debut at the Jacquemus show in Capri, Italy. Channeling Brigitte Bardot from the 1963 film “Le Mépris,” Jennie appeared in black shades and a red towel in a series of Instagram vignettes.

Blackpink's Jennie Kim

Blackpink's Jennie Kim turned heads and made waves as she brought old Hollywood glamour to the Jacquemus show in Capri, Italy. Wearing nothing but black shades and a red towel, Jennie channelled Brigitte Bardot from Jean Luc Godard’s 1963 classic, “Le Mépris” (“Contempt”), in a series of stylish vignettes posted on Instagram.

The K-pop star was pictured reclining on terracotta tiles, strolling along the picturesque Capri coastline, and gazing thoughtfully at the sea from the iconic Casa Malaparte, where the film was shot. On Monday, she transformed into designer Simon Porte Jacquemus’s muse on the runway.

Making a surprise runway debut, the 28-year-old closed the show in a stunning backless halter dress. The minimalist outfit, paired with a turquoise shoulder bag and zebra-print heels, highlighted Jennie’s chic and modern style. This appearance added to her already impressive list of achievements, including her roles as a singer, rapper, actress, and Chanel brand ambassador.

In recent years, Korean pop stars like Jennie have become fashion icons, drawing massive crowds and media attention. Their influence in the fashion world has grown as the global obsession with Korean pop culture intensifies. Major luxury fashion houses are increasingly partnering with these celebrities, recognising their broad appeal and star power.

However, reaching this exclusive runway show was no easy feat. Casa Malaparte, perched on a cliff overlooking the Gulf of Salerno, is accessible only by foot or boat. The secluded location added an element of mystique and exclusivity to the event.

The show’s setting held special significance for Jacquemus. The house and Godard’s “Le Mépris” deeply influenced the designer when he founded his label 15 years ago. In a press release, the brand described the show as a “full-circle moment,” reflecting on how the movie's beauty and modernity inspired Jacquemus's creative vision.

The models showcased Jacquemus’s new collection by walking up and down a staircase integrated into the house’s roof. The designs featured architectural shapes described by Jacquemus as emerging “with absolute lightness and sensuality,” with fabrics cascading, peeling back, and curving gracefully along the body.

“I decided to create my brand after watching ‘Le Mépris’ from Jean-Luc Godard,” Jacquemus shared on Instagram, expressing how the film’s aesthetics sparked his imagination and influenced his designs.

Jacquemus is known for his breathtaking runway locations. Last year, he presented an eveningwear collection at Versailles, inspired by Princess Diana and the 1970 film “Peau d’Ane” (“Donkey Skin”). For his 10th anniversary show, he took fashion enthusiasts to Provence’s lavender fields.