Israel Claims Capture Of Gaza Parliament Amid Escalating War

Israel's War on Gaza: UN agency for Palestinian refugees has said that Israel's navy struck one of its facilities in southern Gaza, despite sharing coordinates with warring parties.

Israel Hamas War

The Israel Defense Forces' Golani Brigade on Tuesday claimed to have captured Gaza’s Parliament.

The image of IDF personnel inside Gaza’s parliament building in Gaza City, after capturing the site, has been circulated on social media.

Earlier, the fighting between Israeli forces and Palestinian militants outside Gaza's largest hospital prompted thousands of people to flee from the sprawling medical facility, AP reported.

However, hundreds of patients and others displaced by the war remained inside, it said.

World Health Organisation Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus earlier, said that the UN agency was in contact with Shifa hospital, which he said had been without electricity and water for three days, and noted that gunfire and bombings outside the compound “have exacerbated the already critical circumstances."

“Regrettably, the hospital is not functioning as a hospital anymore,” he said in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Patients inside the hospital include dozens of babies at risk of dying because of a lack of electricity, health officials at the facility said.

More than two-thirds of Gaza's population of 2.3 million have fled their homes since the war began.

Gaza City, the largest urban area in the territory, is the focus of Israel's campaign to crush Hamas following the militant group's deadly October 7 incursion into southern Israel that set off the war.

More than 11,000 Palestinians, two-thirds of them women and minors, have been killed since the war began, according to the Health Ministry in Gaza, which does not differentiate between civilian and militant deaths. About 2,700 people have been reported missing.

More than 1,200 people in Israel died, most of them in the Hamas attack, and about 240 hostages were taken from Israel into Gaza by Palestinian militants.

Sewage overflowing in Gaza streets:

AP report quoting municipal officials in Gaza say sewage is overflowing into the streets because of the lack of electricity, causing a health and environmental disaster.

Gaza hospital director appeals for safe passage:

The director of hospitals in Gaza said Monday that 32 wounded people have died at Shifa hospital, the territory's largest, including seven patients in the Intensive care unit.

Mohammed Zaqout said 36 newborn babies have not been evacuated from the hospital yet and there has been no coordination on moving them. He said there is no place to take patients, and called for the opening of a “safe passage” to take them to Egypt for treatment, reported AP.

Hezbollah says it fired anti-tank missiles at Israeli troops:

The Israeli military carried out airstrikes on Monday along the border with Lebanon after the militant Hezbollah group fired anti-tank missiles toward Israeli troops near the tense border's western sector.

Hezbollah said in a statement that it had inflicted injuries. The Israeli military did not immediately comment.

Clashes between Hezbollah and the Israeli military continue to intensify in the western and central areas along the tense border.

Hezbollah said it also conducted two other attacks on Monday — a rocket attack on the strategic Biranit barracks and an attack on a position targeting Israeli troops, both in the central sector along the border.

UN agency for Palestinian refugees says its facility hit in southern Gaza:

The UN agency for Palestinian refugees has said that Israel's navy struck one of its facilities in southern Gaza, despite sharing coordinates with warring parties.

The agency, known as UNRWA, said Sunday's strike caused “significant damage” to its guesthouse in Rafah, adding that no casualties were reported since UN staff left the facility 90 minutes before the attack.