Redefining Innovation By Indian Companies In 2024

These trailblazing organizations are at the forefront of technological advancement, sustainability, and industry disruption. From groundbreaking tech solutions to creative business models, they are leading the charge in transforming the way we live and work.

Redefining Innovation

Step into the future with a glimpse at the ten companies set to redefine innovation in 2024. These trailblazing organizations are at the forefront of technological advancement, sustainability, and industry disruption. From groundbreaking tech solutions to creative business models, they are leading the charge in transforming the way we live and work. As we move into the new year, keep a close watch on these dynamic companies that are pushing the boundaries of what's possible and setting new benchmarks for success and ingenuity.

1. Veera

Arjun Ghose

Arjun Ghose, Founder & CEO

Veera is India's first mobile browser built from the ground up and brings the best internet experience to the mobile screen. Veera aims to give India's 1 billion smartphone users a faster-than-before experience, with an app engineered to work well across all device types. With one of the world’s most powerful ad blockers, Veera provides an ad-free experience (blocks all 3rd party ads) and blocks all trackers and crawlers leading to a safer and more private internet journey. This, combined with a unique engagement-based rewards program, lets the user earn points every day for the time that they spend on the internet. These points can be redeemed for coupons, vouchers, or cash. Veera also aims to make everyday activities easier – such as gaming and consuming content. Now, users no longer need to download their favourite games and can instead play them online instantly. And Veera’s cricket widget enhances the cricket-viewing experience manifold!

With a team that has built and backed technology businesses in India, we understand the pain points of the internet user more than anyone and have used our experience and learnings to create a better browser for the modern tech-savvy Indian user.

2. Aryaka

Renuka Nadkarni

Renuka Nadkarni, Chief  Product Officer

Aryaka, a trailblazer in cloud-based networking and security for more than 15 years, revolutionized the landscape by pioneering Unified SASE as a Service. This innovative network security framework stands out from the pack by delivering the unprecedented combination of performance, agility, simplicity, and security, without tradeoffs.

Aryaka understands that every business faces unique challenges in its digital transformation journey. They offer a supportive, customer-centric approach, enabling seamless modernization, optimization, and transformation of network and security environments, regardless of starting point. Additionally, Aryaka's flexible deployment models empower companies to choose their preferred implementation and management approach, ensuring a perfect fit for their IT infrastructure.

Trusted by hundreds of global enterprises, including Fortune 100 leaders, Aryaka provides a comprehensive suite of cloud-based, software-defined networking and security services. This robust solution empowers businesses to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape with confidence, agility, and peace of mind.  By leveraging Aryaka's expertise, companies can focus on what matters most – driving innovation and achieving their business goals.

3. Woodshala

Aayush Kothari

Aayush Kothari, Director

At Woodshala, we create furniture that tells your story. Our bespoke pieces are handcrafted with care and attention to detail, ensuring quality that lasts a lifetime. Whether you're furnishing your home, office or any space in between, Woodshala offers a range of options to suit your needs and style preferences. From classic designs to modern twists, our skilled artisans work with premium materials to bring your vision to life. We understand that every customer is unique, which is why we offer personalized services to tailor each piece to your specifications. At Woodshala, we take pride in our commitment to excellence, offering not just furniture but also a statement of craftsmanship and sophistication. Experience the difference with Woodshala, where your furniture dreams come true.

4. Indigrators

Vamshi Charan Rapolu

Vamshi Charan Rapolu, Co-Founder  &  Managing Director

Indigrators, a pioneering force in software development outsourcing, connects global businesses with top-tier development teams in Hyderabad, India, specializing in Product development, web, mobile, customer service and cloud solutions. With a commitment to excellence, communication, and transparency, they celebrate diversity and empower our team for collective growth. Their global presence underscores our dedication to delivering unparalleled software solutions, where quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction are paramount for success. Partner with Indigrators for a strategic journey towards enhanced growth, leveraging our infrastructure, expertise, and proven model for a competitive edge in the digital landscape.

5. Novitates

Saneeth Reddy Sarasani & Krishna Mohan Kandarpa

Saneeth Reddy Sarasani & Krishna Mohan Kandarpa, Founders

Novitates, founded in 2018 by Krishna Mohan Kandarpa and Saneeth Reddy, is revolutionizing the digital landscape with transformative solutions. Their comprehensive services, including application development, chatbots, and IT consulting, empower businesses globally. With a focus on collaborative innovation and cutting-edge technologies, they prioritize customer requirements while delivering superior quality solutions. Novitates' unwavering commitment to customer trust, transparency, and accountability sets them apart, ensuring successful partnerships and impactful digital transformations. From analytics to enhanced authentication and correspondence management, their solutions offer innovative benefits for businesses seeking to thrive in the digital age.

6. Mestastop Solutions Pvt Ltd

Dr. Debabani Roy Chowdhury

Dr. Debabani Roy Chowdhury, Co-founder and Head R&D

Mestastop Solutions, a global award-winning biotechnology startup, aims to offer cancer patients a “second chance in life” by eliminating the term metastasis from the vocabulary of their primary tumour, giving them renewed hope and opportunities. Established in 2018 and based in Bangalore, India, Mestastop is working on developing partnerships to identify novel targets and drugs for metastasis. The company is also running prospective and retrospective patient clinical trials to develop companion diagnostics to help identify primary tumour patients at higher risk of metastasis.

Mestastop was founded by Dr. Arnab Roy Chowdhury and Dr Debabani Roy Chowdhury, who returned to India in 2009 from Johns Hopkins. Under their leadership, the motivated team of scientists in Mestastop have doubled over the last few years, and more than 30% of the team are PhDs, while some are pursuing their industrial PhDs at Mestastop. Mestastop has built three proprietary platforms, METAssay®, METSCAN® and METVivo®, which help dissect the metastasis biology in-vitro, ex-vivo patient samples and in-vivo animal models, respectively. Funded by Mumbai Angels, IIMA ventures, IKP Knowledge Park, Government of India, 92 Angels and Malpani Ventures, Mestastop aims to position its first repurposed drug for the clinics by the end of 2024.

7. Codleo

RS Maan

RS Maan, Director

Codleo is not just a technology solutions company; it's a beacon of innovation and expertise in the ever-evolving digital landscape. With a proven track record of success, Codleo has become synonymous with excellence in digital transformation, offering a comprehensive suite of services that cater to the diverse needs of modern businesses. One of Codleo's standout features is its deep specialisation in Salesforce, a leading CRM platform. From implementation to customization, Codleo's Salesforce experts leverage their in-depth knowledge to architect solutions that optimise workflows, drive sales, and foster meaningful customer relationships. Its mastery of the Salesforce ecosystem enables them to tackle even the most complex challenges with finesse, delivering measurable results and tangible business value. But Codleo's capabilities extend far beyond Salesforce. The multidisciplinary team of developers, consultants, and digital strategists possesses a diverse skill set that spans web and mobile app development, cloud computing, AI, and more. This holistic approach allows Codleo to offer end-to-end solutions that address every facet of a client's digital needs, from conception to execution.


What truly sets Codleo apart, however, is its unwavering commitment to client success. By forging collaborative partnerships based on trust, transparency, and mutual respect, Codleo ensures that every project is executed with precision and care. Whether working with startups or Fortune 500 companies, Codleo remains dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that drive growth, foster innovation, and propel businesses towards a brighter future.

8. Intense Technologies Limited

Anisha Shastri

Anisha Shastri, Director

Intense Technologies Limited is a global Enterprise Platform and IP-enabled Services company, headquartered in India while making its mark across EMEA, UAE, UK, Singapore, and US. Trusted by Fortune 500s, boasting over three decades of industry experience, and 70+ global implementations–Intense specializes in industries across Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Education, and Energy & Utilities, including leading the baton in e-Governance projects in South Asia. Serving clients across 4 continents, Intense manages a staggering $25Bn+ worth of client revenue data and has successfully onboarded over $1Bn subscribers across various engagements.


With a strong focus on IP-led Services, the company continues to set the standard for innovation and excellence. At the helm of Intense Technologies, Anisha Shastri, Executive Director, is a proven leader with experience in delivering best-in-class Enterprise software solutions. With a wealth of expertise in crafting corporate and product strategies, she remains the driving force in helping businesses adopt data governance and AI-powered capabilities to optimize revenue growth and streamline operational efficiencies.

9. Saartha


For passionate technology enthusiasts seeking a fulfilling career to co-create software, Saartha stands out as the undisputed champion.Founded by hardcore technology architects, Saartha is a hub of innovation, where every minute is spent cutting software code for complex business problems in the domain of Field Service Management and Low-Code for enterprise customers. Our expansive technology stack spanning, AI to VR, Field Mobility, multiple Geo-spatial technologies and SAP positions us as a "Tech Paradise".


What sets Saartha apart is our non-hierarchical team structure, where titles and management structures are non-existent. Instead, colleagues fluidly change roles, from leading teams to becoming individual contributors pioneering latest tech, fostering a dynamic and collaborative atmosphere. Meritocracy reigns supreme at Saartha, where colleagues are identified for roles based on sheer merit rather than years of experience. We take pride in "Zero" failed implementations of our products, thanks to our culture. Colleagues are constantly challenged and empowered to excel. With autonomy, decision-making authority, and involvement in meaningful projects, every individual at Saartha experiences a profound sense of ownership and job satisfaction. In 2024, Saartha emerges as the epitome of the ideal workplace, where innovation thrives, and careers flourish.


10. Mira Integrated Marcom Services

Meet Capt. Anand Dandapani, or 'Andy' to his colleagues in Forces. Commissioned in 1993 into the 6th Battalion of the Dogra Regiment, he retired as a Captain after serving the motherland for five years in high-altitude counterinsurgency operations. In 2004, he founded MIRA, standing for Market Impact Reach and Awareness, an innovative experiential event solution company. Under his leadership, MIRA managed the 4th World Military Games in 2007, hosting 5,000 international military athletes.

Since 2004, MIRA has been a prominent figure in the events and marketing world. What sets us apart? We collaborate closely with clients, crafting bespoke plans from trade expos to product launches. Our events are marked by technical precision and innovative flair. We believe every event should echo the brand's essence. Our dedicated team understands brand communication nuances, incorporating the latest market trends and tech solutions to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression. MIRA specializes in corporate events like Annual Days, Family Day, Award ceremonies, and team engagements.