RACE Eco: Gateway To Investment For Organizing Plastic Waste Supply Chain

RACE Eco Chain Limited is revolutionizing the plastic waste supply chain, setting new standards in sustainability, efficiency, and innovation.

RACE Eco: Gateway to Investment for Organizing Plastic Waste Supply Chain

RACE Eco Chain Limited is at the forefront of transforming the plastic waste management industry by organizing the unorganized waste supply chain. With a future-ready approach and strategic initiatives, RACE is making significant strides in sustainability and efficiency.

Key Initiatives:

Pan India Supplier Base: RACE has established a comprehensive network of suppliers across the country, ensuring a steady flow of plastic waste materials.

Regional Collection Centers: Strategically located dedicated reginal centers enhance accessibility, making waste collection more efficient and effective.

RACE APP: This innovative app is a step towards digitizing waste supply chain streamlining operations and fostering transparency in the supply chain.

ESG Focus: RACE is deeply committed to environmental, social, and governance principles, ensuring all operations are sustainable and socially responsible race has done ESG audit for itself and its suppliers aiming 100% procurement via ESG complaint Suppliers.

Promoting Circular Economy: By driving practices that reduce material hoarding risk, RACE is a champion of the circular economy, contributing to a greener future.

Investing In Supplier Business: RACE collaborates with strategic suppliers providing investment and machinery for business expansion and also provide research and training.  

Community Engagement: RACE organizes Supplier talent recognition events like UDAAN and provides free skill development training programs.

Strategic Partnerships:

RACE has forged alliances with industry giants such as Ganesha Ecosphere Ltd, India’s largest PET recycler, and Rudra Ecovation Ltd, known for the largest integrated plastic recycling facility. These partnerships not only bolster RACE's procurement capabilities but also underline its leadership in the market. Ganesha Ecosphere Ltd’s recent announcement on equity investment in RACE further solidifies its position as a key gateway to investment for organizing the unorganized waste supply chain.

Focus on B2B Manufacturing:

The demand for B2B (Bottle to Bottle) manufacturing is expected to surge to estimated 3.5 lakh metric tonnes, while current capacity stands at 50 thousand metric tonnes. RACE is proactively addressing this gap by investing in washing plants across India, specifically for B2B manufacturing. This strategic move is set to enhance RACE’s business margins and fortify its commitment to a sustainable future.

Capturing Market Share:

With the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) mandate requiring PIBOs to use 30% recycled material starting from 2025, and SEBI's Business Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting (BRSR) asking corporates to make their supplier base ESG compliant, RACE is perfectly positioned to capture 25% of the PET waste market by 2030. The plastic waste market is estimated to grow by 30% by 2030, and RACE’s strategic initiatives place it at the forefront of this growth.

If we check the Pareto Principle suggests that 10% of players control 90% of an industry with RACE Eco Chain Ltd's extensive pan-India network, dedicated collection centers, and upcoming washing plants for B2B (bottle-to-bottle) manufacturing raw material supply, RACE is poised to be a leading player in India's waste management industry. Strategic partnerships and a strong focus on sustainability further strengthen RACE's position to dominate this sector.

Driving Industry Change:

As large corporations, FMCGs, MNCs, and consumer brands like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Nestlé form strategic tie-ups to work with organized waste supply chains. These companies are looking to meet their sustainability targets and compliance requirements, Here we see RACE Eco Chain can be an essential partner in their supply chains.


RACE Eco Chain Limited is revolutionizing the plastic waste supply chain, setting new standards in sustainability, efficiency, and innovation. Through its extensive network, Collection centres , future ready RACE app, strategic investments, and robust industry partnerships, RACE is paving the way for organizing the unorganized waste supply chain, propelling the industry towards a more sustainable and efficient future. RACE Eco Chain Ltd. serves as the gateway to investment in this transformative sector.

With strong support from the government and macro market initiatives, such as plastic waste management rules including Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), and global events like COP 28 accelerating sustainability and recycling, along with a renewed emphasis on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) parameters, RACE Eco Chain Ltd. is not merely pursuing growth; growth is actively pursuing RACE Eco Chain Ltd.

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