Powering Growth Of Startups: How GrowthJockey Is Helping Ventures Rewrite Their Success Stories?

We, at GrowthJockey, have productized venture building by leveraging our specialized capabilities in venture design and building, product, P&L management, design thinking, growth consulting, data & AI and business operations to assist corporate startups in realizing their full growth potential,” Ashutosh adds. 


Venture architects (VAs) are pivotal in guiding corporate startups through their 0-1 & 1-100 journey. They meticulously design the venture model, ensuring its viability, and position it for success in current and future market landscapes. “The process involves in-depth research to identify the right product/service and its desirability,” says Ashutosh Kumar, CEO and Founder of GrowthJockey. “VAs then proceed to design Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), develop a proof of concept (POC), and evaluate Product Market Fit (PMF).” Furthermore, VAs are instrumental in scaling businesses by crafting strategic plans and executing them with precision to drive sustainable growth in the future.

“We, at GrowthJockey, have productized venture building by leveraging our specialized capabilities in venture design and building, product, P&L management, design thinking, growth consulting, data & AI and business operations to assist corporate startups in realizing their full growth potential,” Ashutosh adds. 

Unlike traditional agencies, which often provide siloed capabilities, GrowthJockey boasts a diversified team of growth, product, P&L, and tech architects that help ventures design, build and scale effortlessly. “Our proprietary AI infrastructure, enables businesses to leverage digital data and operate efficiently by utilizing real-time insights from the constantly evolving business landscape,” elaborates Ashutosh with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

GrowthJockey unlocks infinite value for large enterprises through venture building and digital transformation, which the company monetises in various ways. Contributing significantly to its total revenue, GrowthJockey’s AI infrastructure platform, intellsys offers class-leading deep tech and analytical capabilities to its clients.

“We measure true success by the pace and size of the ventures we incubate, the depth of the problems we solve, and how futuristic and scalable our solutions are,” Ashutosh emphasises, “We are also committed to positioning ourselves as the most aspired and preferred technology innovation and incubation company for the current and future top talent from tier-1 institutions.”  

To realize this vision of growth and expansion, GrowthJockey is committed to increasing its top talent team size by 300 to 400 individuals. Furthermore, the company aims to intensify investment in proprietary technology capabilities, particularly in the ‘tech-accelerator product modules' and the AI infrastructure within intellsys.

Contrasting the roles of VAs and digital marketing agencies, Ashutosh underscores the crucial difference in their scope and operations.VAs, characterized by their entrepreneurial spirit and problem-solving mindset, thrive on innovation and ownership,” Ashutosh states. “Operating on a "Design & Build" Model, VAs guide ventures from ideation to scaling, going beyond marketing tactics to navigate evolving landscapes.” 

“In contrast, digital marketing agencies, a subset of VAs, specialize in digital advertising post finalization of product-market fit (PMF) and Go-to-market strategy,” Ashutosh compares, “VAs, particularly growth architects, drive and build growth by leveraging technology, human resources, processes, products, competitive landscapes, and other strategic levers.”

“Renowned for our holistic VA capabilities, we at GrowthJockey continually evolve our playbook to develop scalable solutions integrated with technology. Focused on technology-enabled, digital-first ventures, we blend expertise in tech, product development, go-to-market strategies, and business operations with remarkable agility,” explained Ashutosh. 

GrowthJockey specializes in building ventures for large enterprises, which often encounter unique challenges due to their legacy systems. These challenges may include delays in decision-making, distractions from core objectives, and the complexity of aligning multiple stakeholders for even minor tasks.

“Our experience has taught us that with the right approach, these challenges can be overcome. By providing flexibility and embracing lean methodologies, our enterprise partners across India enable us to make swift decisions and maintain a keen focus on core objectives”, Ashutosh stresses, “We cultivate a deeply integrated environment and prioritize transparent communication, ensuring that every stakeholder within the parent enterprise is kept updated and aligned throughout the venture-building process”

GrowthJockey assists its enterprise partners in moving beyond the transactional 'client-agency' relationship to foster a deep 'venture-ship.' Venture-ship represents a partnership deeply immersed in shared accountability and ownership. Many of their partner enterprise management teams, upon adopting the venture agility framework, actively work to disseminate this approach throughout their parent organization to drive innovation and excellence on a broader scale.

“My leadership style is rooted in a fundamental belief that talent and technology are the ultimate keys to unlocking future businesses and maintaining pace with global innovations,” reflects Ashutosh. “Instead of adhering to a specific leadership style, I prioritize fostering an environment where talent thrives and creativity flourishes through principles of empathy, stewardship, and a dedication to personal growth.”

“I am deeply committed to investing in talent development and nurturing a team of specialists in venture architecture capable of navigating the intricate journey from 0 to 100 for new-age ventures, “ Ashutosh underscores. “ My goal is to position GrowthJockey as a top company for top-tier talent, attracting individuals who are passionate about solving real-life problems by leveraging data and technology.


“To realize this vision, I cultivate an immersive environment that encourages continuous learning and fosters understanding of the ever-evolving landscape of venture building. By providing opportunities for growth and development, I aim to empower team members to emerge as leaders in their own right, driving innovation and shaping the future of the industry,” Ashutosh concludes.