Over 11.1 Billion Coins Sold; BlockDAG’s Viral Presale Steals Attention From SOL & ICP In June 2024

Discover how BlockDAG's pioneering Lunar Keynote and X10 Miner are reshaping expectations for the upcoming crypto bull run, eclipsing ICP Blockchain and Solana's market movements.


Amidst the burgeoning crypto bull market, forecasts are pointing towards a promising rise for Internet Computer and Solana, capturing substantial investor interest. Yet, it’s BlockDAG, a layer 1 project, stealing the spotlight with its outstanding presale, suggesting it might eclipse traditional market leaders in the upcoming crypto surge. The unveiling of BlockDAG's second keynote showcased not only its technical acumen but also the prowess of the X10 miner, catapulting the presale to a staggering $46.8 million. This firmly places BlockDAG as a formidable competitor, with both ICP Blockchain and Solana also drawing attention.

Innovative Strides in ICP Blockchain

Internet Computer, spearheaded by Dfinity, is charting new territories with AI integrations into its smart contracts. Dominic Williams, the founder, recently teased an upcoming demo that will spotlight AI's capabilities in recognizing faces. By doubling down on AI and bolstering its testnets for enhanced security and independence, ICP Blockchain saw its value increase by 1.67% and 12.32%.

A strategic collaboration with SingularityNET,, and Ocean Protocol is setting the stage to challenge the big leagues. This alliance may consolidate their tokens into one unified force, potentially redefining the AI blockchain landscape. Tokens like FET, OCEAN, and AGIX have already enjoyed boosts of 2.68%, 2.5%, and 2.17% respectively, bolstering ICP Blockchain’s position as a key player in the next crypto bull run.

Solana Price Trends and Future Prospects

Recently, Solana saw its price dip from $188.49 to $162.87, primarily influenced by a shift in investor focus towards Ethereum spot ETFs. This 14% decrease came as some developers migrated from Solana to Ethereum. Despite this, Solana is poised for recovery, supported by bullish indicators in technical analyses like green histograms on the MACD and an RSI above 59.

Market analysts are optimistic, projecting Solana could hit $400 by year's end, solidifying its status as a top altcoin contender. With an infrastructure capable of supporting high transaction volumes, Solana continues to attract both developers and investors, suggesting robust long-term potential despite recent fluctuations.


BlockDAG's Keynote: Paving the Way for a Crypto Bull Run

BlockDAG's latest keynote not only highlighted significant progress but set the stage for a major crypto market surge. The keynote introduced the X10 crypto miner, a compact device resembling a Wi-Fi extender, which delivers an impressive 100 MH/s hash rate with a potential daily output of 200 BDAG coins, all while operating quietly at just 40 watts. Designed for ease, the X10 miner supports both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections, appealing to a broad spectrum of miners.

The keynote also showcased over 45 development updates and emphasized BlockDAG’s DAG-based Proof of Work consensus mechanism. This innovative system allows for the simultaneous confirmation of multiple transactions, enhancing scalability. With DAG Formation and Ordering Algorithms at its core, BlockDAG ensures rapid, secure, and efficient transaction processing, marking it as a leader in blockchain technology.

Following this event, BlockDAG’s presale rocketed, accumulating over $46.8 million. This surge, coupled with high-profile endorsements from outlets like Forbes and Bloomberg, and support from key crypto figures, highlights BlockDAG’s burgeoning potential. With a roadmap that promises ongoing innovations and a mainnet launch slated within four months, BlockDAG is well-positioned to be a powerhouse in the next crypto bull run.

Key Insights

While ICP’s advancements in AI, Solana’s transactional prowess, and BlockDAG’s groundbreaking mining solutions and transparency mark them as significant contenders in the burgeoning crypto bull market, BlockDAG stands apart. The recent keynote spotlighted the X10 miner’s capabilities, which could generate 200 BDAG daily. With a robust $46.8 million already secured in its crypto presale, BlockDAG is poised for tremendous growth. As investors scout for promising opportunities, BlockDAG’s continuous advancements position it as a prime candidate for growth and investment in the thriving crypto scene.

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