2 Emerging Solana Meme Coins Forecasted To Rival Pepe Coin By The Second Quarter Of 2024

Slothana and Myro, two emerging Solana meme coins, could become the biggest rivals to Pepe Coin in 2024. Let's see why.

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Since its release, Pepe Coin has grown to become among the best meme coins on the market. Like other meme coins, Pepe Coin also entered a bullish trend. The project gained over 50% gains last week amidst the Bitcoin halving.

It could be a great time to buy Pepe Coin, especially with the Coinbase listings that will make the project available to a broader audience.

And while Pepe Coin gained traction in the previous weeks, its price has remained volatile. This prompted many questions, especially about Pepe Coin's long-term future. So, if you want to avoid disappointment, invest in different projects. Emerging Solana meme coins, Slothana and Myro, could be a clever option, corresponding to the experts' claims. These are the best rivals to Pepe Coin.

Here is more about them.

Slothana will be the best rival to Pepe Coin in 2024

Slothana is among the best meme coins to launch in 2024. The project is gaining momentum ahead of the upcoming launch. Slothana has a few hours of its presale, and if you want to buy $SLOTH, hurry. The project is going live today on April 29th on the major exchanges.

If you want to get Slothana on presale, you must send Solana tokens to a designated wallet. For every $SOL token you airdrop, you receive 10,000 Slothana coins. You will receive your coins when the presale ends.

According to the analysts, early investors can receive 100x from Slothana after CEX listings. This Solana meme coin could follow the footsteps of Slerf or Book of Meme. These two projects raised significant amounts in their presales and went viral in the first weeks of their ICOs.

Slothana's ICO has been listed as #2 on the list of the best crypto ICOs. ZyCrypto thinks Slothana is among the best meme coins amid the WIF and BONK surge. Experts await a 100x price increase for $SLOTH after the CEX listings. Price predictions say Slothana could trade at $0.16 in 2024, $0.35 in 2025, and $0.8 by 2030. According to the data, Slothana could be the next best Solana meme coin to explode.

This new Solana meme coin to consider in 2024 has raised $15 million in funding and will sell out soon. Hurry and buy it on presale before it gets to the exchanges!

Myro is the best meme coin for dog lovers!


Myro is a Solana meme coin based on a dog called Myro, whose owner is Solana co-founder Raj Gokal. The project pays homage to him and wants to make the Solana network welcoming to everyone and inclusive.

This emerging Solana meme coin offers some unique features:

  • A Myro trading bot - A BuyBot on Telegram, with fees going to a treasury and the Treat Jar, with fees going to fund future growth.

  • A Myro staking platform - The staking platform (coming soon) will offer rewards for investors who stake their coins.

  • Other utilities. Myro team should announce future updates soon. The main goal is to offer utility to the Myro holders.

The largest meme coin activity is on Solana, and Myro could be the leader. If the project manages to break the current levels, its meteoric growth is imminent. Price predictions say $MYRO could hit $0.729646 at the most in 2025. By the decade's end, Myro could trade at $0.632155.

The project has grown by over 99,500% since its release, but it is currently 46% below its all-time high price of $0.41.

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Conclusion: The best emerging Solana meme coins forecasted to rival Pepe Coin

Solana meme coins are gaining momentum and lots of successful projects launched recently. Book of Meme, SMOG Token, DogwifHat, Slerf, and Myro are just some of the well-known Solana-based projects.

But among them all, Slothana has the highest potential to grow exponentially and become the next best meme project. The project launched with massive success, outperforming its Ethereum counterparts. Many experts like Jacob Bury and ClayBro endorsed Slothana, predicting a terrific future for the project.

The project will launch on CEXs soon, and its price could increase by 100x after the launch. If you want to buy the project, hurry before that happens.

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