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The Sacred Time Between Morning And Departure

Time in-between is life. Those beats that tick-tock and we hear the mellifluous flower, children and grandchildren and the elephants.

The Sacred Time Between Morning And Departure

The elephant in the porch
Seemed quite unlikely
In a suburban home in the US.
Not a live elephant, of course,
But a statue of one,
The biggish statue you might see
In a state emporium.
I came up closer
With trusty camera phone
And clicked.
Not an elephant at all, 
But a grey-brown covered
Perhaps a barbecue grill,
Or a motorcycle.
Homesick? No. 
Just a desi who sees
Elephants where none exist.

Impending Departure

Packing up a month of memories
Of wonderful times
With children and grandchildren
And the cat, 
a character in his own right
With his propensity to bite
My ankles. Pesky beautiful cat.
Our own lives beckon, across the globe...
Memories of cuddles and bubbles
Books and toys, walks and games
Car seats, and songs, both contemporary
And ancient ones from my childhood.
Will the little ones miss us? 
We have to pack today,
Material goods, ours, 
And things
For our other children
in another part of the world.
Our memories are already packed, 
So why am I crying?

Pre-dawn this morning
I hear the mellifluous notes
Of a magpie robin
Piercing the silence, briefly. 
Then silence again.
Did it go back to sleep,
To snooze until dawn?
9th February, 2022

Tenth Birthday 

The little boy is ten today.
A milestone in more ways than one.
This is, thanks to Covid,
His first birthday 
Without his father's presence.
Not the only child so bereft, I know,
But it doesn't lessen our grief.

I walked earlier than usual
This spring morning
Around the colony garden
When there's a loud, composite roar.
A dog barks, alarmed.
It's five elderly men
Being tigers and lions
Before they clap in unison
And laugh in unison
Kindergarten days again!

Morning Musing

Two pugs and an apso
Walking together,
Leashes held by one man,
Presumably housemates.
Do the pugs know
That the apso looks different?
Does the apso feel
That the pugs are different.
I think not and hope not:
All one species,
Despite the differences.

Sunshine and shadows

And then, magic
I walk on down the pathway
And through the trees ahead
A brilliant flash of blue, turquoise
and golden brown
A kingfisher, perhaps
So far from the river.
Hope? Yes, hope.
11th May, 2021

(Dipali Taneja has a Master's degree in Child Development from Delhi University. She has an abiding love for the English language, and has written several stories, poems, and essays over the years. She has been blogging since 2007. Grandmother to two little girls, two dogs and two cats, all of whom feature in her poems, her poetry is largely focused on every day life.)