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Ugadi 2024 | 5 Ugadi Dishes to try at home

Ugadi will be celebrated on April 9 of this year marking an opportunity for happiness as well as reflection and food treats. Let's explore some delicious dishes that you can cook in the kitchen to celebrate this significant occasion.

Ugadi Dishes
Popular Ugadi Dishes

Ugadi marks the beginning of the year new to people from Telugu as well as Kannada communities living throughout Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Karnataka. This lively festival will be celebrated on April 9 of this year marking an opportunity for happiness as well as reflection and food treats. Let's explore some delicious dishes that you can cook in the kitchen to celebrate this significant occasion.


Chalimidi is a delicacy that is adored and is a staple of South Indian cuisine, particularly in the areas in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, particularly during celebrations such as Ugadi or Sankranti. Ugadi is a delicacy that has been passed down from generation to generation. It is served in households at auspicious times like Sri Rama the Navami festival as well as baby showers. They serve as a symbol of the long-lasting love and generosity of Andhra families. Made with just jaggery, rice (or powdered sugar) as well as ghee it expresses the spirit of South Indian sweets. The technique of creating the ideal consistency of jaggery syrup takes patience and talent to make each batch of Chalimidi. In addition to its delicious appeal, Chalimidi holds spiritual significance since it is served in the form of ‘prasad’ at festivals.

Pulihora (Tamarind Rice)

Even though Pulihora is celebrated with different names in South India, its essence remains the same. No matter what it's called, Puliyogare from Karnataka, Puliohora in Andhra Pradesh as well as Puliyodarai located in Tamil Nadu, each variation of this recipe embodies the regional cuisine as well as offering an original variation on the traditional recipe. It is often served as a prasad at temples. Furthermore, Pulihora is celebrated as the "poor man's festival food," and is adored due to its affordability and accessibility. The essence of Pulihora includes cooked rice that is infused with a tart mixture made with tamarind, or other sour components. The flavor combination can be further enhanced with mustard seeds, chana dal, and urad dal.

Bobbatlu (Puran Poli)

Bobbatlu's soft and supple exterior, constructed with wheat flour or other all-purpose flour is the ideal ingredient for delicious stuffing. The traditional stuffing is Chana Dal (Bengal grams) perfectly cooked and sweetened by jaggery and mixed with the aromatic scent of cardamom or nutmeg. It is also known in the region of Bobbatlu within Andhra Pradesh, Holige or Obbattu in Karnataka as well as Puran Poli, or Pooran Poli in Maharashtra, the delicious sweet flatbread crosses borders, bringing families together for celebration. In the midst of all the festivities, Bobbatlu takes center stage as a must-eat meal.

Bevu Bella

Bevu Bella is a festive drink also called Ugadi Pachadi, which symbolizes the celebration of tradition, especially in the lively region of Karnataka, South India. In the context of Ugadi celebrations, Bevu Bella encapsulates the essence of the New Year with its unique mix of flavors.

In order to make Bevu Bella, start by making a powder of the roasted gram with the mixer until it is a smooth consistency. After that, mix in cashews and badam. Finally, then gradually add the jaggery in accordance with your preferred sweetness. Add the flower of neem or, if it is available tender leaves of neem, although they're not required. Also, you can add a hint of cardamom to enhance its sour scent. Mix all the ingredients until they're well blended and result in a silky and even consistency. After being prepared then your Bevu Bella is ready to serve and be enjoyed in your Ugadi celebrations.

Poornam Boorelu

Poornam Boorelu, also known as Andhra Poornalu or simply Boorelu can be described as a wonderful sweet treat that is popular in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in South India. This delicious snack has particular significance, especially during the celebration of Ugadi.

Poornam Boorelu is a sweet filling made with a blend of chana daal (split Bengal gram) and jaggery. Certain variations incorporate the fresh coconut's richness which adds new flavor. The filling is coated with an outer coating that is made of rice batter as well as urad dal (black grams) like dosa batter. After coating the balls are deep fried until they are crisp and golden outside, while keeping the sweet and soft texture of the stuffing inside.