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World Nature Conservation Day: Celebs Speak Up About Ways To Protect The Environment

Today, on July 28, people all over the globe celebrate World Nature Conservation Day, we talk to celebs about ways in which they can help save the environment.

World Nature Conservation Day

Every year on July 28, World Nature Conservation Day is observed. It is celebrated in order to raise public awareness about the value and relevance of natural resources. Natural resources have been depleted to dangerously unsafe levels as the human population has grown. In order to make people all over aware of what steps they can take in order to help conserve the nature that they’re living around, World Nature Conservation Day is celebrated.

Outlook talks to celebs about what steps they think people should take in order to protect the environment and help conserve nature.

Sudhanshu Pandey

I'm from Uttarakhand. Having lived in the mountains, I personally feel that if we really want to create a healthy future for our coming generations, we have to conserve the trees we already have apart from planting them. We must also stop cattle farming and poultry farming, these two businesses are one of the biggest reasons for deforestation across the globe. Basically, the meat business is one of the biggest culprits of global warming.

Aly Goni

One must take care of the environment by doing one's own bit. I never leave water taps open and always ensure that water is not wasted in my house. Also, I feel no one should throw cans and wrappers from the moving car. It's time for us to start simply becoming environmentally conscious by changing our daily habits.

Vijayendra Kumeria

A few easy things we can all do today to ensure a better tomorrow:

Conserve energy by turning off lights, air conditioners, and fans when not in use; avoid food and water wastage. Always shut off the tap before brushing. Let's all work to educate ourselves, become more aware of the environment, and spread the word. By doing this, you will make yourself and those around you happy. Also engage in your community's environmental activities by volunteering for activities like weekend park clean-ups, and neighbourhood garden maintenance.

Sudha Chandran

A stable and healthy society depends on a healthy environment. Spread awareness of the need to protect natural resources and the value and importance in our lives. Conserve water, recycle, reduce waste, turn to renewable energy, and use less plastic. Pick one to begin with. In this time of global crisis, let's remember to protect and conserve nature. Change begins at home. Let's unite together and take action to save, conserve, and manage our resources responsibly. Imagine a planet that is green and clean, where everyone lives happily with everyone else.

Nivedita Basu

I feel that the next big epidemic in the country will be about water, so I strongly believe in saving it and would recommend everyone else to do the same. In fact, more and more societies should find ways to recycle used water and conserve rainwater. It’s impossible to plant trees in cities as it needs to be done in designated places, instead, we can preserve the trees that we already have here. Don’t cut the existing trees in the city.

Charrul Malik

While we tend to gossip with friends and families about things and people around us, we should also make conservation of nature a part of discussions. We have to speak up. Voice our thoughts on it and talk about solutions. Among the easiest ways to start and do our bit for the conservation of nature is to stop using plastic. The second thing that we can do is to stop wasting food. Reusing items whenever possible can minimise your carbon footprints. Plant trees, but also maintain protocols by planting them in areas marked for them. We have to stop misusing electronics, so unplug computers and gadgets when not in use. We have to also conserve water. If you have your own vehicle, opt for a fuel-efficient and electric version. You can also choose to car-pool, which will help in reducing the carbon footprints.

Mreenal Deshraj

I read somewhere “What you do, sure, it makes a difference. And now you have to decide what kind of difference you wanna make.” For me, of the many ways one can contribute towards nature conservation, the easiest ones are to stop using plastic and save paper. Nature is our world, our lifeline. So the least I think all of us can do is adopt small habits which in turn will protect our environment. I try my best to adapt to a sustainable lifestyle. So, let’s conserve, let’s preserve this very earth that’s our home.

Ashoka Thackur

Each and every one of us can do our bit to conserve nature, like in the buildings where we live, we can plant trees outside and stop cutting trees. We can make use of electric vehicles and opt for car sharing so that pollution can be reduced. We must keep our surroundings clean so that the drains are not blocked and garbage isn't accumulated in places.

Riya Sengupta

I think what comes first is ‘Cognizance’. We need to raise awareness and taking care of nature needs to be implemented in our daily life in every way possible, like using biodegradable stuff and planting greens around us.