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What Does It Take To Become A YRF Actress?

Actress Sharvari gives an insight into what it takes to crack through a YRF audition. She made her big Bollywood debut with 'Bunty Aur Babli 2'.

What Does It Take To Become A YRF Actress?
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Becoming a YRF heroine is a big thing for any newcomer. Yash Raj Films is one of the two major film production houses in Bollywood, and they are, sort of, a dream production house for any newbie to work with. The latest actress to have got a ticket to Bollywood from YRF is ‘Bunty Aur Babli 2’ actress Sharvari.


So, what does it take to become a YRF heroine? “I think there are not many struggles. It is very simple. If they are looking for new people and if they are willing to take new actresses in their films, you just have to give your best to the auditions. That was exactly how it worked for me. I remember, I used to audition for a lot of YRF films and I used to get shortlisted but I didn’t end up getting selected. It has been the case for more that 3-4 projects of YRF. So, I think the key to getting in is to just keep performing, auditioning and not giving up at the end of the day,” says Sharvari.


‘Bunty Aur Babli 2’ had done decent business on its theatrical release, but it did massively well when released on OTT. Sharvari also gives an insight into the audition process for bagging the project. She says, “I auditioned multiple times and for multiple scenes. I also did a lot of dance videos and also did lip syncing of songs. Multiple auditions took place in the span of one month and there were lots of other girls who were also auditioning for the same part. We did not know that it was for ‘Bunty Aur Babli 2’, so we used to audition on scenes from very random movies like ‘Jab We Met’ or ‘Befikre’ that had young girls in them. When I finally got shortlisted was when I met the director. After that I gave another audition which was from the film.”


Sharvari is seen sporting a bikini walking out of the sea onto the beach. Was being bikini-ready a requirement for being a selected for a YRF role? “There was a requirement like that only because we had to shoot for a scene that needed it. The scene was between me, Saif sir and Rani ma’am and the scene wouldn’t have worked without a bikini because I was honey trapping someone at the beach. It was not actually about the swimsuit requirement but it was about a scene that required you to be emerging out of the sea. The scene was always written in the script and it was a really fun scene. It is one of the most loved scenes from the film I could say from all the feedbacks that I have got from people.”


Being a YRF heroine is considered as entering into the major leagues with no struggles anymore. Talking about the same, Sharvari says, “I think everyone is always struggling. I don’t think that once you reach a certain platform or get a film with a bigger production house; it does not mean that you are sorted from then onwards. I do think that everyone is trying to get more work and get more films. The best thing that this movie has done for me is that I have got into a lot of eyeballs, being a part of ‘Bunty Aur Bubli 2’, a YRF movie - a lot have people have seen my work now. A lot of people know about me now, so it is of course easier for me to get into a conversation now but to be able to get a film is again up to your own merit.”


Before Sharvari, other newcomers have also spoken up about becoming a YRF actress. Former Miss World Manushi Chhillar, who is soon going to make a debut in films with YRF’s ‘Prithviraj’. The film has been pushed forward quite a number of times due to the pandemic, and even now it has been pushed ahead indefinitely from its release date during the Republic Day long weekend. This delay has caused a delay in Chhillar’s movie debut. Speaking about this delay in release, she says, “It has been a long wait and definitely I’ve needed all the patience in the world to wait for its release but no one could’ve predicted the pandemic and everyone has suffered, some much more than others. I’ve worked very hard for Prithviraj and I definitely would love for people to watch it soon.”


Actress Anya Singh, who was recently seen in ‘Kaun Banegi Shikharwati’ made her big Bollywood debut with YRF’s ‘Qaidi Band’. In an interview during the release then, she had said, “I met Shanoo Sharma by chance at a coffee shop and I was asked to audition for YRF. It was a do or die situation for me. Initially, all these production houses like YRF and Dharma weren’t on my mind. I moved to Mumbai in December 2015 and my mother gave me one year to prove myself. She told me that if it happens then it is fine and if not then don’t get upset since she was aware of how low were the chances to get it. She also told me to take it as a learning experience.


''On the other hand, I was always the star since I had the courage to follow my dreams. Also, I give a lot of credit to my family for being so supportive all this while. Funnily they are getting used to see me on television now. For them my struggle was their struggle too. I would always take their opinions since they all were very involved in the entire procedure. When I got the film, I told to my closest friends and they were in shock and happy.”


But being a YRF heroine comes with a constant pressure for many. On the same Singh had said, “I feel very fortunate to be launched by YRF. I never had a formal training in acting so when I came so I knew nothing and I had no clue about any technicalities of filmmaking. It goes so much to shoot a single scene. It is not really the way I thought it was but I learnt a lot. I feel if YRF would have not been behind me then I would have shot my first film and lost it. I wouldn’t have got that guidance and support. I am very naive at the moment and I don’t have filter while talking to people. I am still learning the art of giving interviews. YRF really puts talent first and I really admire them for this.”


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