Friday, Aug 19, 2022

Vikrant Massey: After ‘A Death In The Gunj’ Writers, Producers Saw Me In A Different Light

Actor Vikrant Massey started off in films with supporting roles but has moved on to doing lead roles. He opens up about why he has done this conscious change in the kind of roles he picks up.

Actor Vikrant Massey was recently seen in 'Love Hostel'.
Actor Vikrant Massey was recently seen in 'Love Hostel'. Intagram/vikrantmassey

Actor Vikrant Massey has been one of the best actors to have moved from TV to films and now on OTT. He has been coming up with some of the best shows and performances that not many of his peers are able to carry up. However, he has moved up the ladder quite quickly. He was seen playing supporting roles just 5-6 years back, and now, he has suddenly moved on to become lead actor material and audiences are loving his every performance.

Is he getting more unique characters to play than what he was getting before?

“Yes, definitely. The kind of characters that are offered to me today is way better than what I was offered 5-6 years back from now. I did a film called ‘A Death In The Gunj’ and that probably changed a lot of things for me. A lot of writers and producers probably started seeing me in a different light. Just like everyone else, I have also gone through that phase of being stereotyped but that one particular film changed things, and the opportunities that were thrown at me after that became much better,” says Massey.

But with great power comes great responsibility. “Yes, there are a lot more people watching me today and with that came a lot more responsibility on my shoulders but I have always loved challenges and I have always enjoyed going out there and telling stories that are very close to me and taking up bigger projects. I think that things have definitely changed and I feel that it applies to every field of work. If you are given responsibility and you end up delivering it, you are bound to get more work. The idea is to go out there, be consistent and deliver from time to time and I think if I continue doing that there will always be opportunities waiting for me,” says Massey.

While he was doing great roles in supporting performances in films like ‘Lootera’ or ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’ or ‘Half Girlfriend’, it seems he is consciously now not taking any supporting roles and wanting to do only lead roles.

“It is very difficult for me to sit back and evaluate my work. I think that is for other people to do. I am pretty happy with how it is going. People have been kind, there has definitely been a certain sense of progression but I am absolutely the last person to sit back and evaluate my own journey. All I can say is that my journey has been satisfying so far and yes, it has definitely been a conscious choice of not choosing supporting parts because I want to give myself a fair chance to play the leading roles and to take up more responsibility. I am in that phase of life right now, where I want to improve myself with newer challenges. I want to take up more responsibility,” concludes Massey.

On the work front, Massey was recently seen in the Zee5 film, ‘Love Hostel’. He will soon be seen in projects like ‘Yaar Jigri’, ‘Mumbaikar’, ‘Forensic’, ‘Gaslight’ and a few others.