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Vh1 Supersonic: 5 Global Artists Who Rocked The Music Festival

As you get prepared for this year’s Vh1 Supersonic, here’s taking a look down memory lane and checking out some of the most memorable performances throughout the history of the Sonic Festival in India.

Anne Marie

Vh1 Supersonic kicked off as an EDM fest, but its musical metamorphosis turned it into a wild mixtape of genres. As we rewind the tape of past glory, reminiscing about the high-octane magic that Machine Gun Kelly, Marshmello, Anne Marie, Zedd, and Macklemore brought to the Vh1 Supersonic stage, we can't help but get excited for what lies ahead.

The stage is set, the vibe is electric, and as we gear up for the 9th edition of Vh1 Supersonic in the coming month, it is destined to become the epicentre of musical history once again. There is no doubt that fans would once again give the music festival the same amount of love that they’ve given it in the past years. With every year, the fandom of the festival is growing and this year too the lineup is super promising.

So, as you get ready for an extravaganza that promises to be bigger, better, and bursting with even more musical and cultural brilliance, here’s taking a look down memory lane. The countdown has begun for this year’s artists – but before they perform, let’s look at a few artists who have set the Vh1 Supersonic stage on fire over the years:

1. Anne Marie (2023)

With a blend of pop, R&B, and hip-hop, she is best known for her powerful vocals and bangers like ‘Alarm’, ‘Ciao Adios’, ‘Friends’ and ‘2002’ which all made it to the UK charts. In 2023, Anne Marie, the pop queen, took the game by storm when she took centre stage at Vh1 Supersonic, completely serenading the audience with her captivating blend of powerhouse vocals, sprinkled with a touch of glitter and a dash of sass. Beyond the stage, Anne Marie's magnetic personality illuminated the festival grounds, turning Vh1 Supersonic into a pop wonderland.

2. Machine Gun Kelly (2020)

MGK, rapper, singer, songwriter, unleashed a musical tornado on the Vh1 Supersonic stage in 2020. Noted for his genre duality across alternative rock with hip hop, he brought a mix of raw energy and charismatic chaos, leaving the audience wondering if they had stumbled into a rock 'n' roll carnival. MGK's performance wasn't just a concert; it was as though he invited the audience into a world where every beat was a rebellion, and every lyric was a call to embrace the chaotic beauty of life.

3. Macklemore (2017)

Macklemore took centre stage in 2017, delivering a performance transcending rap boundaries. With his signature charisma and socially charged lyrics, the hip-hop sensation not only ignited the crowd but also sparked conversations that lingered long after the last note. Macklemore, the wordsmith provocateur, turned the Vh1 Supersonic stage into a hip-hop haven, leaving an impact beyond the beats.

4. Zedd (2015)

In 2015, Zedd set the Vh1 Supersonic stage ablaze with his electrifying beats and mind-bending visuals. The Grammy-winning DJ and producer took the audience on a sonic rollercoaster, leaving them hooked to his melodic wizardry. Zedd, the sonic sorcerer, weaved a musical tapestry that had the crowd surrendering to the rhythm.

5. Marshmello (2013)

Marshmello, the enigmatic DJ and producer, left an indelible mark on the Vh1 Supersonic stage in 2019. His infectious energy, coupled with chart-topping hits turned the festival into a dance utopia, as fans were captivated by his magnetic performance. Marshmello, the masked maestro, transformed Vh1 Supersonic into a dance paradise, proving that behind the mask lies an unstoppable force of musical energy.

These 5 artists not only set the Vh1 Supersonic stage on fire but also etched their names in the festival's history, each bringing a unique flavour to the sonic feast.