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Shruti Haasan Was Paid THIS Whopping Amount For Nani Starrer 'Hi Nanna'?

Singer-actress Shruti Haasan for paid a huge amount for a cameo and a song in the 2023 Telugu film, 'Hi Nanna'.

Shruti Haasan

'Hi Nanna' is one of the highly anticipated films as Nani has partnered up with Mrunal Thakur for the first time ever and the family drama is the directorial debut of Shouryuv.

The Nani-starrer film has already made a name for itself. Even though, Mrunal Thakur is the leading actress, what caught everyone's eyes was the presence of Shruti Haasan in the trailer, which released a week ago. When asked about the same, the director himself confirmed that she will be acting in a few scenes along with featuring in a special song 'Odiyamma'.

The word going around in film circles is that Haasan charged about Rs. 90 lakhs for a cameo and the song.

"I wanted to have Shruti on board. We needed an actress who is an A-lister and a performer. She’s a dancer and singer. Over the years we have seen Shruti deliver stellar performances and I thought she would add fizz to the song," the director shared. "Also, since Shruti and Nani haven’t shared screen space earlier, he felt their combination would burn the dance floor. Shruti welcomed the idea when he approached her. She heard the entire script and was happy to work with us. And when I told her she would also have to sing the song, the actress was more than happy," he added.

Shruti is an incredible actress in the Indian film industry who speaks Telugu fluently. "But she is not confined to a special song; she also has an important cameo to play. In fact, her role drives the narrative. We have kept that a surprise," Shouryuv says. "The song was shot over a period of five days in Goa. A special pub set was constructed for it and it became an instant chartbuster," says the director. 

Watch the lyrical video of the song here:

'Hi Nanna' will be released on December 7 in theatres. 

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