Wednesday, Jul 06, 2022

Salman Khan's Rumoured Girlfriend Iulia Vantur Condemns The Russia-Ukraine War

Iulia Vantur took Instagram to tell her views on the Russia-Ukraine war. She says that she is on the side of humanity, which many other celebrities have also said before about the war.

Iulia Vantur
Iulia Vantur Instagram

Actor Salman Khan’s rumoured girlfriend Iulia Vantur, posted on Instagram regarding the Russia-Ukraine war.  According to Ukraine, 352 civilians have been killed since Russia invaded the country on February 24. Ukraine agreed on Sunday to hold peace talks with Russia at the Belarus border. Vantur who usually talks on different topics on social media said that she is on the side of humanity.

Many celebrities have condemned the Russia-Ukraine war. The latest to share her opinion from the entertainment industry was Iulia, who wrote, "War does not take sides. It only causes loss of life and suffering. My heart goes out to innocent lives lost in this war. The only side I am on is that may humanity choose peace against every possible option #nowar #ukraine#russia#peace (sic)."


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Many others have also condemned the war.

Actress Priyanka Chopra a few days back shared a video of the tense situation in Ukraine on Instagram and wrote, "The situation unfolding in Ukraine is terrifying. Innocent people living in fear for their lives and the lives of their loved ones, while trying to navigate the uncertainty of the immediate future. It’s difficult to comprehend how in the modern world this could escalate to such a catastrophic point, but this is a consequential moment that will reverberate around the world (sic)."

She also shared a link in her bio for people who would like to help the people in the war zone. She concluded her note by writing, "There are innocent lives living in this war zone. They are just like you and me. Here is more info at the link in my bio about how to assist the people of Ukraine (sic)."

Meanwhile, Russian President Putin has directed his defence minister and chief of the military's General Staff to put the country’s nuclear deterrent forces in a "special regime of combat duty."