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'Trigger Warning' On Netflix Movie Review: Jessica Alba's Comeback Film Will Make You Yawn With Its Predictability And Dullness

Outlook Rating:
1 / 5

Starring Jessica Alba, 'Trigger Warning' has released on Netflix. Is this actioner worth watching, or you can choose to skip it? Read the full review to find out.

Jessica Alba in 'Trigger Warning' Photo: Netflix

When it was announced that Jessica Alba would be making her big comeback to Hollywood films as an actioner after a hiatus of five years, I was excited to be the ‘Fantastic Four’ actor in a genre where she performs the best. The stakes were raised when it was revealed that she would be working with Indonesian director Mouly Surya in her first big Hollywood project. Starring Jessica Alba and Anthony Michael Hall, ‘Trigger Warning’ is now available on Netflix. If you plan to unwind this weekend by watching this action flick, here’s all you need to know about ‘Trigger Warning.’

‘Trigger Warning’: Story

The story follows the life of Parker (played by Jessica Alba) who is a Special Forces Commando. After a physically, emotionally, and psychologically difficult time in a war zone, she returns to her hometown when she learns that her father has passed away. After his death, she takes over her father’s bar – Maria and starts to look for the reasons behind her father’s death. It is mentioned that her father passed away when a mine caved in.

As she returns to her hometown, she meets her former friends and suddenly discovers some of the town’s biggest secrets. Thanks to her inquisitive nature, she finds young men possessing machine guns. She connects the dots and uncovers a terrorism plan by the local gang. The movie follows how she busts the gang and finally finds the answers that she has been looking for.

‘Trigger Warning’: Performances

Jessica Alba is the star of ‘Trigger Warning.’ The movie rests entirely on her shoulders. She is excellent when it comes to the action sequences. Watching her break bones as she glides from one action to the other is a visual treat. Additionally, it is a refreshing change to see a single woman fighting a local gang with her might or her knife. However, that’s just about it. She is unable to bring Parker to Iife and infuse emotions in her. Understandably, her character has PTSD, but Alba was not able to convince the audience.

Apart from Alba, all the remaining performances in the movie are average at best. They simply do not stand out. Anthony Michael Hall as Senator Swann delivers a bearable performance when he could have used his prowess to give us a power-packed performance. Mark Webber, as Sheriff Jesse Swann, delivers an underwhelming performance.

‘Trigger Warning’: Script, Direction & Technical Aspects

‘Trigger Warning’ starts strong but within the first 10 minutes, the story falls flat. The story never reveals which Middle Eastern country Parker was working at. It never explores Parker’s personality or her relationship with her father. There is nothing in the film that will make you feel things for Parker because you just don’t know her throughout the story and that is weird considering the entire story rests on Parker. The screenplay is weak and after a while every action is predictable.

The direction by Mouly Surya is earnest. She manages to weave the suspense and drama in the narrative despite a predictable plot. The revenge drama shows Surya’s clear vision. She has used the small Native American town and even the mine sequences to deliver a handful of scenes that have been well visualized and shot.

Apart from that, some scenes have continuity issues and certain parts end abruptly. The colour grading and the lighting is also a recurring issue. The movie needed crisper editing. It would have grabbed more eyeballs if it was turned into a web series where all aspects are explored in much detail rather than conveniently turning away from the loopholes.

‘Trigger Warning’: Cast & Crew

Director: Mouly Surya

Writer: John Brancato, Josh Olson, Halley Gross

Cast: Jessica Alba, Anthony Michael Hall, Mark Webber, Jack Weary, Tone Bell

Available On: Netflix

Duration: 1 hour 46 minutes

Languages: English

‘Trigger Warning’: Can Kids Watch It?

No, the fight sequences can be too graphic for the young audience. 

Outlook’s Verdict

‘Trigger Warning’ is a film from which I had high hopes. But the film simply fell short. Jessica Alba is unable to convince you with her acting and you can only look past it and cheer for her action sequences only up to a certain limit. The movie was an utter letdown from Mouly Surya considering one of her films had been nominated at the Cannes Film Festival earlier. The movie is predictable and turns into a snoozefest. I am going with 1 star.