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K-Dramas To Turkish Action To Japanese Anime – Travel The World With These Non-English International Titles

K-Dramas To Turkish Action To Japanese Anime – Travel The World With These Non-English International Titles

Drop everything and plan your binge on Disney+ Hotstar with these internationally acclaimed shows. You would have a wide range of emotions in each of them, which you must not miss at all.

A Still From 'Link: Eat, Love, Kill'
A Still From 'Link: Eat, Love, Kill' Instagram

Whether you're a fan or a newcomer, get ready to explore a new world of entertainment. Embark on a cultural journey this March with a wide array of internationally acclaimed non-English shows.

From K-dramas to Turkish action and Japanese anime, these 10 must-see international shows are everything you could wish for.

Big Mouth (Korean)

A lawyer, caught up in a murder case, becomes a notorious and genius con artist overnight to fight against a huge conspiracy and survive. The series is also available in Hindi.

Tokyo Revengers (Japanese Anime)

Travelling twelve years back in time, takemichi rewrites history by making different choices in order to save his sweetheart in the future.

Sisterhood (Turkish)

Days before her wedding, Ipek learns the shocking truth that she has two sisters. However, soon after meeting, the sisters find themselves in an unexpected situation. The show is also available in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

BTS: Permission To Dance On Stage - LA (Korean)

Purple colours the city of Los Angeles, as BTS brings their “Permission to Dance” concert to SoFi Stadium for the first time in two years.

Revenge Of Others (Korean)

Chan-mi and Soo-heon get caught up in shocking situations in this high-teen revenge thriller.

Aoshi (Japanese Anime)

Ashito Aoi, a student, and Tatsuya Fukuda, an important coach, change the game of Japanese soccer.

Hidden (Turkish)

Handan, a single mother of three, is envious of the luxurious lives she sees on social media. However, her life takes a turn when she meets a mysterious couple. The show is also available in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

Big Bet (Korean)

Betrayal is rampant in the presence of money. Who will be the last person standing?

Gannibal (Japanese)

A police officer relocates to a remote village to atone for his mistakes but uncovers dark secrets.

Life Of Secrets (Turkish)

Mustafa Kuzgun, lives a modest, happy life with his family. However, when a dark secret from his past resurfaces, his once uncomplicated world is turned upside down. The show is also available in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

J-Hope In The Box (Korean)

J-hope makes waves as the first Korean musician to headline the main stage of the world's largest music festival, ‘Lollapalooza’ in Chicago. After huge successes with the world-renowned group BTS, their main dancer and rapper debut his first official solo album. Amid concerns and anxiety about his identity as a solo artist, j-hope takes a leap of faith to greet the world as himself. For 200 days, the daily life of artist j-hope is captured. From his production of solo album ‘Jack In The Box’ and listening party, this documentary follows him all the way to his debut on the stage of ‘Lollapalooza’.

Dr. Stone Ryusui (Japanese Anime)

Senku and his allies awaken the son of the Nanami Conglomerate, Ryusui Nanami, to man their ship. However, he turns out to be more trouble than he is worth.

Link: Eat, Love, Kill (Korean)

When Eun Gye-hoon moves back to a familiar town, he finds himself experiencing strange emotions and realises he shares a connection with a woman who lives there.

Summer Time Rendering (Japanese Anime)

Shinpei Ajiro returns to his hometown for the first time in two years for his friend's funeral, where he hears of a sinister omen.

Crazy Love (Korean)

A crazy romance unfolds between a CEO and his secretary as they work their way through a sea of secrets.

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