Avneet Kaur Reveals Why She Felt Intimidated To Work With Annu Kapoor And Supriya Pathak In 'Luv Ki Arrange Marriage'

Avneet Kaur is starring opposite Sunny Singh in 'Luv Ki Arrange Marriage'. It also stars Annu Kapoor and Supriya Pathak in key roles.

Avneet Kaur Photo: Instagram

Actress Avneet Kaur, who recently made her debut at the Cannes Film Festival 2024, will be seen in the romantic-comedy 'Luv Ki Arrange Marriage' opposite Sunny Singh. The movie is all set to premiere on June 14 on Zee5. The film is written by Raaj Shaandilyaa and directed by Ishrat R. Khan. It also stars Annu Kapoor and Supriya Pathak in key roles.

Ahead of its release, we had a conversation with Avneet where she spoke at length about working with the veteran actors, her character Ishika, and more.

On how she bagged the film, Avneet shared, ''I was approached for the script and Raj sir was there at the narration. Ishrat was also present. The first thing we did was listen to the script. I was so happy that I told sir that I would love to be part of the project and I love the character that you have given me and hope that I can do justice to it.''

She continued, ''That's when he told me who was going to be the cast. Then I got to know Annu sir and Supriya ma'am are also part of it. I was so happy to be working with such an amazing team. I felt so excited and lucky when I said yes to the project.''

When asked who she consults or takes advice from when it comes to choosing script, the 22-year-old actress said, ''The first thing I do is that I ask myself. I always ask for my opinion before I go to somebody else because I trust myself.'' She also said that she has been in the industry for 14 years now and understands what she wants.

''It doesn't matter whether the script is a hit or the movie is a hit. The first thing that I ask myself as an actor is that is it giving me more as an actor. The next step is definitely I ask my mom and dad. They have been with me since the beginning of my career and will be always with me. I also take views from my team who has been there with me. I think you should ask everyone for opinions but at the end, you should listen to that voice in your heart which you think is right,'' she added.

Avneet also shared her experience of working with veteran actors like Annu Kapoor and Supriya Pathak. She said, ''I think for me as a person it will always be intimidating be it at any stage of my life because I know the people I am working with are legends. Annu sir is such an amazing person and he has so much knowledge to give. I was so lucky to be working with them.''

She further said, ''I little bit of nervousness was there when we started the film and it's a good nervousness. I think that should be there a little. A little bit of excitement was also there.'' 

Adding to it, the 'Tiku Weds Sheru' actress said, ''I have also worked with other senior actors like Neena Gupta, Rani Mukerji and others. The one thing I love about them is that they are very sorted in their brain. They have done everything in their life and learned so much and at the same time, they are so sweet and like getting involved with the script. They show respect towards the other cast and the team. So, I have learned so many things from them which have helped me a lot.''

Quizzed her about what new she has to offer with her character in 'Luv Ki Arrange Marriage', to which she quipped, ''I really like experimenting with my work and taking up challenges. The character is not similar to what I am in real life. I am an introvert when it comes to talking and I tend to have a difficult time when I am having a banter with someone. For example, if I am having a banter and have to scream, I really can't do that. But I love the fact that Ishika, the character I am playing is so outspoken confident, and bold that if she feels something is wrong and she has to do a banter with somebody, she will never stop and stand for that. I loved the way she keeps talking and talking. It was very difficult for me to do that because I am so opposite of the character.''