Tuesday, Nov 28, 2023

9 Must-Watch Films And Shows On Disney+ Hotstar To Awaken The Inner Child In You

9 Must-Watch Films And Shows On Disney+ Hotstar To Awaken The Inner Child In You

Take Ganesha on your next adventure or become friends with a ghost, here are some films and shows on Disney+ Hotstar that’s sure to take you on multiple adventures and awaken the kid inside you.

A Still From 'Best Of Luck Nikki'
A Still From 'Best Of Luck Nikki' Instagram

Children’s stories on screen have delivered some of the most heartwarming and tender pieces of films and movies to us. Disney+ Hotstar celebrates the stories of kids through its diverse and multi-lingual library. From discovering mystical acquaintances to bonding over lunchtime to even going on incredible adventures beyond your imagination, children-led titles know no bounds making them wholesome watches.

Here's revisiting the exciting world and awakening the child inside you with these Disney+ Hotstar films and shows. Get ready to gallop away to a universe of entertainment, comedy and fantasy.

‘Stanley Ka Dabba’

A gluttonous teacher is in the habit of eating his students' tiffins. When he finds out that Stanley doesn't get his own lunch box, he gives out an ultimatum.

‘Bhoot Unkle’

Shyam hides in a lighthouse, where he befriends a ghost pirate. Reluctant at first, the ghost too takes a liking to him. Together, can they defeat the bad guys?

‘My Friend Ganesha 3’

Ganya, an orphan, is troubled by his evil uncle and aunt for the property that he has inherited from his family. Who will come to his rescue?

‘The Lotus Pond’

Two kids hear about a mythical lotus pond in the Himalayas and set out to find it. They come across a number of obstacles and problems during their journey.

‘Best Of Luck Nikki’

Dolly creates a video diary about their family and friends containing advice for Nikki when she grows up.


Kathiresan's family decides to sacrifice a rooster to evade bad luck. However, the rooster disappears, ensuing chaos and panic.


School-goer Banku moves into the Nath villa with his parents. His life takes an adventurous turn when he befriends an unfriendly ghost.

‘Bhoothnath Returns’

Bhoothnath revisits earth, and his afterlife changes for good when he meets a brave boy, Akhrot. They team up to fight against Bhau, a corrupt politician.

‘Adventures Of Jojo’

12-year-old Jojo is on a trip to the jungles of Boropahari, where he discovers friendship and the plight of innocent wild animals at the hands of poachers.