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55 Years Of ‘Padosan’: Saira Banu Revisits The Iconic Comedy Film And Shares Anecdotes On Its Anniversary

‘Padosan’, starring Sunil Dutt, Mehmood, Kishore Kumar and Saira Banu in lead roles completed 55 years today. The actress took to social media to share a long post about the film on this anniversary. She even went on to share some tales from the film’s shoot that not many people would know about.

Saira Banu

Saira Banu’s one of the most iconic films was ‘Padosan’. The film, which also starred Sunil Dutt, Mehmood and Kishore Kumar in lead roles alongside Saira Banu, celebrates its 55th Anniversary today. The yesteryear actress took to social media to share a post about the film on its anniversary.

“We are talking about one of the most favourite films of my career, mine, and the public in general. It is ‘PADOSAN’, a film for all occasions and ages. I am glad that I did this because I had refused any work soon after my marriage. It was understood that I would not be carrying on with a professional career (sic),” she wrote.

Indeed, the film was one of the most iconic films of her career. Not just her, the film was one of the most popular comedy films of all time. The musical fights between Sunil Dutt and Mehmood were so hilarious to watch.

“It was then that Mehmood Bhai as he had earlier approached me for this film came running to Sahib, hugged him close, and kept saying in a rhetorical tone “Yousuf Bhai you have to let Saira do this film for me. I will not let go of you until you say yes please please”, Sahab was tickled to the bone and kept repeating laughingly “Mehmood it is entirely up to Saira, You have to convince her. You have my absolute permission (sic),” wrote Saira Banu.

Yousuf Khan, more fondly known to all as Dilip Kumar, was Saira Banu’s husband. He passed away in 2021.

Writing about the film, Saira Banu went on to add, “At that time everyone knew that Sahib had shifted his venue of shooting to the South and Mehmood very considerately committed to Sahib that he would shoot the film in Madras with me to facilitate Sahib and I being together. This was the “Cherry on the Cake” and I said Yes to ‘PADOSAN”. I am glad that unlike the dozens of films that I let go of “PADOSAN” and “PURAB AUR PASCHIM”, were not one of them (sic).”

“Mehmood Bhai shared scenes from the Tamil version of "PADOSAN," and I laughed my guts out. We started shooting in Madras, and goodness it was a gathering of comedians, creating history with this film. The cast was so perfectly chosen that even I was initially surprised to see Dutt Saab as a simpleton "Gaonwalla", I mean who could have imagined it? Dutt Saab would humorously say, "Sairaji Yeh Kyaa Hain, Yeh Hum Kyaa Kar Rahein Hain? Hamein Toh ‘Anthony and Cleopatra’ May Kaam Karna Chahiye, Something Romantic and Glamorous. Until "PADOSAN," I hadn't worked with Dutt Saab, who turned out to be lively and funny. On the contrary, Kishore ji was a very subdued gentlemanly star who would get up from his seat respectfully as soon as any Lady walked in. The shooting was a killer. I used to laugh uncontrollably so much that the Unit would turn off all the lights and say "Ruk Jao, Abhi Madam Hass Rahin Hain". It was that difficult for me to stop. Later, I will be sharing anecdotes about PADOSAN that are both funny and interesting (sic),” wrote Saira Banu.


She completed the post by writing, “#55YearsToPadosan (sic).” It was this that let all the fans of the movie and of Saira Banu know that today was the day when the iconic comedy film was released more than half a century ago.

Every generation that watches ‘Padosan’ has an equally fun time watching the movie. Even though it’s been 55 years since the movie was released, every scene and every dialogue is still so relatable. Every joke, every antic, and every quirk made by the leads of the film still cracks people up.

Have you seen the film yet? If yes, share your thoughts with us.

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