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5 Films Of Akshay Kumar That Created A Huge Social Impact

Before you head to theatres to watch his latest offering ‘Mission Raniganj’, here’s celebrating 5 films where Akshay Kumar made a social impact.

Akshay Kumar In A Still From Mission Raniganj As Jaswant Singh Gill

While films are always said to entertain, there are some stories that make the audience leave the theatres with a strong message. And since the last few years, Akshay Kumar has been brigading social causes through his films. Akshay Kumar has been a driving force in promoting a cinema for change. And as he continues to do so.

Before you head to theatres to watch his latest offering ‘Mission Raniganj’, here’s celebrating 5 films where Akshay Kumar made a social impact:

‘OMG 2’

His last film ‘OMG 2’ aimed at bringing about a change in society. Tapping into the taboo of sexual awareness in the country, the film dealt with the premises of masturbation and sex education. And while Akshay plays the role of the messenger of God in the film, the story surely left many in the audience thinking about the issue it dealt with.

‘Mission Mangal’

In 2019, Akshay literally won many hearts for his portrayal of Rakesh Dhawan in the space drama Mission Mangal. While the film focused on India’s space mission to Mars, the film promoted women liberation big time and highlighted the struggles ladies faced in handling both professional and personal fronts. Once again, this Akshay Kumar starrer managed to become a conversation starter.


With Padman too in 2018, Akshay brought a new wave in Hindi cinema. He promoted women’s health by dealing with menstrual issues women face, and while the film created a great impact, Akshay was quite lauded for being associated with such a brilliant story.

‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’

This is where Akshay Kumar’s journey of telling socially relevant stories began. In 2017, the actor starred in Toilet: Ek Prem Katha with Bhumi Pednekar, and its story was quite a hard-hitting, and emotional one. Talking about proper sanitation facilities, especially in rural areas, Akshay brought about a great awareness and this even led to big-time change.


While not completely in a way, Akshay’s horror-drama Laxmii also was a socially relevant film. Pointing at the atrocities a transgender faced, the film brought to light some eye-opening facts and only left many thinking.

Akshay has always aspired to bring a change in society with his craft, and with his upcoming thriller ‘Mission Raniganj’, the star will surely pull many heartstrings.