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'Queen Of The World' India Winners Gear Up To Compete Globally

'Queen Of The World' India winners Gitika Karwa, Krishangee Gauree, Rohini Mathur and Reshma Jhaveri will be representing India in four different categories on the global platform in Morristown, New Jersey.

'Queen Of The World' India Winners

The renowned global beauty pageant ‘Queen Of The World’ is taking place in the US and four representatives from India have already reached to compete for the grand finale, which will take place on March 12.

This is the first time that India is representing in all four categories of Miss, Ms, Mrs and Elite Mrs.

The winners from India Gitika Karwa, Krishangee Gauree, Rohini Mathur and Reshma Jhaveri will be representing India on the global platform.

Talking about India's representation, Urmimala Boruah, National Director for ‘Queen Of the World’ India, said, "Talking about my queens, I think, they are all from different walks of life yet wanting to be the role models and show the world that if you dream it, dare to believe in it, then you also achieve it. This is the mantra that they are trying to show from our platform."

Boruah also spoke about how women of today were empowered.

She said, “I truly believe that all women are already empowered and Women's Day is specially to celebrate womanhood. The fact that women have the art of balancing between all the important aspects of life already makes them powerful. Infact they are excelling in every field and the world slowly but surely is accepting women as leaders. This shows that women are working super hard to make this world a better place.”

While Karwa is a sports person and has represented India at various national and international platforms, Gauri is a finance specialist.

Mathur, on the other hand, is a fashion designer and influencer and works towards supporting acid attack victims. Jhaveri, is an Ophthalmologist, a mother to two teenagers and runs her own clinic.

The event kickstarted in Morristown, New Jersey on March 7.