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‘Maja Ma’: Madhuri Dixit To Gajraj Rao – Here’s An Introduction To The Fun Cast

Meet the fun-loving families from Amazon Prime Video’s first Indian Amazon Original Movie ‘Maja Ma’, which stars Madhuri Dixit in the lead role.

A Still From 'Maja Maa'

‘Maja Ma’s trailer has been trending all over, and it promises to be a heart-warming tale of a desi Indian family. The film stars Madhuri Dixit, Gajraj Rao, Rajit Kapur and many others in lead roles, and professes to be a story of a middle-class Indian family that prides itself on traditional festivities. It also encapsulates a lively and colourful wedding which stitches together the story altogether. Ever since the trailer was released people have been curious about the two family and their friends.

Before you head out to watch ‘Maja Ma’, here’s giving you a quick introduction to the members of the cast.

Pallavi Patel (Madhuri Dixit)

Portrayed by the very talented Madhuri Dixit, Pallavi Patel is the perfect mother, the perfect wife, and the perfect friend. Her life revolves around the family that she not only loves and nurtures but also holds them together. She can, and will, do anything to ensure the happiness and wellbeing of her family and loved ones, even if it means sacrificing her own.

Manohar Patel (Gajraj Rao)

Manohar Patel played by Gajraj Rao, is the quintessential papa that you can think of. He has his own set of beliefs but manages to bend and break them for the sake of his family. He will put his foot down, but also make sure he is always armed with a bear hug and a dad joke, for when his people need them most. He loves his wife, stands by his daughter, and is proud of the man his son is becoming.

Tejas Patel (Ritwik Bhowmik)

Ritwik Bhowmik’s character Tejas is caring, and ambitious, and when he loves someone, he loves hard. Or so we see, when he falls in love with a young American-Indian girl, Esha, he goes the extra mile. Tejas is also a mamma’s boy and is extremely protective of her and leaves no stone unturned to understand and stand with his family when they are faced with conflicts.

Tara Patel (Srishti Shrivastava)

Played by the stunning Srishti Shrivastava, Tara is that girl who is dhaakad, vocal, strong-willed, and fiercely independent. Tara is not shy to voice her opinions., Tara truly portrays her passion for what she believes in. Despite her own struggles, Tara firmly stands alongside her family when conflict strikes.

Esha Hansraj (Barkha Singh)

Barkha Singh plays the role of a modern and free-spirited Esha Hansraj who is an American citizen of Indian origin. She belongs to an affluent family from the States and her parents are conservative in every sense of the word. Madly in love with Tejas, she comes to India to meet her to-be in-laws (Patels’) and to start her adventurous roller coaster ride with them.

Bob Hansraj (Rajit Kapur)

Bob (Rajit Kapur) belongs to the upper crust of American society, yet remains Indian by heart. His love for their daughter forces him to reevaluate his beliefs and ideologies to accept Esha’s boyfriend. Though, the conflicts which arise in the film become a dealbreaker for him, where he is willing to call off his daughter’s engagement with Tejas.


Pam Hansraj (Sheeba Chadha)

Born and brought up in Punjab, Pam (played by Sheeba Chadha) is a first-generation American who was married off to Bob when she was young. Despite her American mannerisms and mindset, her values are Indian and traditional. She is one to speak her mind, often coming across as elitist or privileged.

Kanchan (Simone Singh)

A ball of vibrant energy, Kanchan (Simone Singh) has always been the dominant one in her marriage with Moolchand. Mentally and physically empowered, she is a breath of fresh air who always keeps things light and lively. Besides being Pallavi’s samdhan, Kanchan shares a deep bond with her and is fiercely protective of her.

Moolchand (Ninad Kamat)

Moolchand essayed by Ninad Kamat is Kanchan’s husband. He is a bindaas and happy-go-lucky man. He shares a special bond with Manohar, his samdhi, who he treats like his elder brother, sharing relationship advice to help him spice up his life. He plays a very caring husband to Kanchan.

Pinakin (Malhar Thakar)

The calm in between the Patel storm is Pinakin, played by Malhar Thakar in a special role. He acts as a strong anchor to his wife, Tara and her family. He is their support system, their designated shoulder to cry on. A good listener by nature, Pinakin is a trustworthy friend with whom you can share all the problems in the world.

Directed by Anand Tiwari, 'Maja Ma' will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on October 6.

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