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‘Luther: The Fallen Sun’ On Netflix Movie Review: Idris Elba’s Crime Thriller Packs A Solid Punch

‘Luther: The Fallen Sun’ On Netflix Movie Review: Idris Elba’s Crime Thriller Packs A Solid Punch

Outlook rating
4 / 5

Idris Elba is back to play his famous character John Luther. However, it’s not a series this time, and a movie instead. Is this Netflix presentation worth your time? Read the full movie review to find out.

Idris Elba In A Still From 'Luther: The Fallen Sun'
Idris Elba In A Still From 'Luther: The Fallen Sun' Instagram

‘Luther: The Fallen Sun’: Cast & Crew

Director: Jamie Payne

Cast: Idris Elba, Cynthia Erivo, Dermot Crowley, Andy Serkis

Available On: Netflix

Duration: 2 Hours 9 Minutes

‘Luther: The Fallen Sun’: Story

Brilliant but disgraced detective John Luther breaks out of prison to hunt down a sadistic serial killer who is terrorising London. Will he be successful in his mission? Will he himself get caught? Will he be able to save himself from prison? Well, for all that you’ll have to watch the movie.

‘Luther: The Fallen Sun’: Performances

Idris Elba is back to play his iconic character of John Luther. He once again carries the entire film on his shoulders, and he does so without batting an eyelid. While he doesn’t have any new character arc, but it definitely is interesting to see him go behind the bars and get treated differently by the inmates. Elba doesn’t show off his raw manly strength in this film as much as he does in the series but ensures that this time over he is more intellectual. That’s something that audiences had been wanting to see from him in this character, and he delivers to utter perfection.

Andy Serkis is the surprise package in the film. As the antagonist, he is so smooth yet devilish that you’re left wondering why does he not do more films. Serkis excels in how he manages to make the character look so evil yet enticing for the viewers. He is the worthy anti to Luther’s hard-hitting cop.

However, one complaint I do have is with the character of the lady cop, played by Cynthia Erivo. There was no need to show her as a really hard nut strong woman, and then in the very next instance show her breaking to bits when it comes to her own family. Had she been shown a little more softie at heart from the very beginning, it would have made more sense when she breaks down and does whatever she can to help save her family. The character could have remained the tough-to-crack cop and still been empathetic towards her own family.

The rest of the supporting cast is just barely there, and there’s nothing too bright about them to deserve a mention.

‘Luther: The Fallen Sun’: Script, Direction & Technical Aspects

Neil Cross brings in the usual tricks of the BBC series and makes sure that the audiences are left hungry for more. The way he has written the story keeps you engaged till the very end. While you know pretty early on who’s doing the murders, but you’re still hooked onto know as to why the person is doing it, and for what personal gains. In a crime thriller, despite revealing the murder mystery angle, and still being able to capture the audience’s imagination till the very last scene is commendable.

Jamie Payne’s direction also gives able support to Neil Cross’ story. The way he has placed the sub-plots one after the other makes you never have a dull moment in the film. Despite being more than 2 hours long, the film never sags or lets you catch a yawn. However, what bothers me is how Payne has left no consideration for the law and order in the very end. John Luther may have done a great job by catching the serial killer, but that doesn’t absolve him of the crimes that he did before. He should have not been given a pardon so early. He should have been shown serving some time in prison which would have meant that he did get some punishment for his sins. Sadly, the open ending leaves this glaring plot hole.

Lorne Balfe’s music wasn’t up to the mark. The background score didn’t elevate the storyline as much as it did in the series. Even watching the show with noise cancellation earphones, you’re not left feeling transported to the show and walking right beside John Luther throughout.

Larry Smith’s cinematography definitely needs to be lauded. The way he has shot London is not what you imagine it to be, being a foreigner. You’re always lured by the charm of the big city and the monumental structures, but go a bit deeper, and you would be able to see lanes and bylanes with homeless people and abandoned buildings. Larry Smith has managed to capture that aspect of the city of London, which not many outsiders would have been aware of.

Great work by Justine Wright to ensure that the film remains taut despite being more than 2 hours long. The editing is crisp and keeps you hooked till the very end.

‘Luther: The Fallen Sun’: Can Kids Watch It?


Outlook’s Verdict

‘Luther: The Fallen Sun’ is a worthy addition to the ‘Luther’ franchise. You’re left wanting to see more and more of John Luther like you do when you’re watching the series. Sadly, this time you’ve to be content with just 2 hours of the brilliance of Idris Elba. To add to that the open ending leaves a glaring plot hole about why John Luther is given the pardon keeping all respect for law and order aside. Even with the shortcomings, Idris Elba as John Luther is a treat to watch. This is definitely a Must Watch. I am going with 4 stars.