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‘Farrey’ Teaser: Salman Khan's Niece Alizeh Agnihotri All Set To Make Acting Debut With Soumendra Padhi’s Film

Salman Khan recently shared the teaser for niece Alizeh's first movie, titled ‘Farrey’.

Alizeh Agnihotri in 'Farrey'

Salman Khan’s family members have been in the showbiz for years, and now his niece Alizeh Agnihotri is all set to make her acting debut with the upcoming movie ‘Farrey’, which releases on November 24. 

On Monday, Salman shared the first teaser for the movie on social media. He first shared a cryptic note which stated, “Subha subha ek Naya ‘F’ word seekha. Char baje bataunga (This morning I learnt a new F word. Will tell you more about it at 4pm.)” At 4, he revealed the teaser with the caption, “Main toh yeh F word ki baat kar raha tha, aapne kya socha! #FarreyTeaser Out Now!”

The teaser shares some glimpses from the film, and features several students taking exams, hoping to cheat, and filling up their OMR sheets. They then end up making ‘farrey’ and getting caught. In the film, the debutant actress plays a student. 

Watch the teaser here:

The official synopsis for the film read as, “What is the mystery behind Farrey? It is more than just a word. It is a thrilling journey waiting to be unravelled. Dive deep into the world of Farrey and watch this gripping story unfold on November 24th in cinemas near you!” 

For those caught unaware, ‘Farrey’ is a slang word used by students for small chits of paper with answers, and how the actors try to sneak them into exam halls.

The film is directed by Soumendra Padhi, who also made the acclaimed Netflix series ‘Jamtara’, which was about phishing scammers who operate from small towns in India.

For those caught unaware, Alizeh is the daughter of Salman's sister Alvira Agnihotri and former actor Atul Agnihotri. Recently, Salman wished Alizeh on her birthday with a post that was captioned, "Mamu par ek ehsaan karo, jo bhi karna dil aur mehnat se karna (Do a favor to your uncle, whatever you do, do it with heart and hard work)! Always yaad rakho (remember), Life mein go straight and turn right. Only compete with yourself."

“Fit hone ke chakkar mein same mat ho jaana, aur alag hone ke chakkar mein sabse alag mat ho jaana (Don't become the same in order to fit among the rest, and don't get separated from everyone in the process of becoming different). And moossssssst importantly, ek baar jo tumne commitment kardi toh phir mamu ki bhi nahi sunnnaa (once you have committed then don't even listen to uncle)!! @alizehagnihotri.”

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