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‘Aashao Ka Savera Dheere Dheere Se’: 5 Reasons To Watch The Reena Kapoor-Rahil Azam Starrer Show

Despite it being a gem of a show, there would be many who would have yet not seen ‘Aashao Ka Savera Dheere Dheere Se’. Here are a few reasons why the Star Bharat show should be a must-watch for every household

'Aashao Ka Savera Dheere Dheere Se'

Reena Kapoor and Rahil Azam starrer ‘Aashao Ka Savera Dheere Dheere Se’ has been one of the most thoughtful and poignant shows to have ever come up on Star Bharat. The show has been doing decently well on the TRP charts ever since it was released a couple of months back.

Despite it being a gem of a show, there would be many who would have yet not seen the show. Here are a few reasons why ‘Aashao Ka Savera Dheere Dheere Se’ should be a must-watch for every household:

Unique Concept

‘Aashao Ka Savera Dheere Dheere Se’ is a story that revolves around the life of a widow ‘Bhavna’ played by the versatile actress Reena Kapoor. The plot of the serial is centred around Bhawna who recently lost her husband and faces difficulty to sustain her day-to-day life after her husband’s death since she was so dependent upon him for her each and everyday necessities which seems very obvious but her life takes a turn when Raghav played by Rahil Azam enters her life giving her hope for being independent and financially literate which helps her overcome the obstacles of her life. The show is a mirror to society which shows how a woman, especially a widow is treated in society after she loses her husband and what difficulties she goes through which are not often talked about.

Supporting Women Empowerment

‘Aashao Ka Savera Dheere Dheere Se’ promotes women empowerment in one of the ways where it shows how important it is for women to be financially literate and independent. It highlights the importance of being self-sufficient as life can be unpredictable at any point of life and to live in a society which is dominated by a man it becomes difficult for women especially a widow who are often considered as burden to the family to survive for her daily needs if she is not independent or financially literate. It also teaches how one can overcome the obstacles of their life and not be dependent on anybody.

Believe In Second Chances

‘Aashao Ka Savera Dheere Dheere Se’ questions social norms that have already been established for women this serial uses its original idea to convey a crucial message to the broader audience. The drama also gives hope to those who have lost their life partners and encourages them to discover love again to give it another chance. It gives an important message that one’s life doesn’t stop after losing a loved one or their partner; it's not a full stop but merely a coma. The story of the serial brings back hope in people through the two antagonistic characters Bhawna and Raghav, who are alternately played by Reena Kapoor and Rahil Azam. where fate pulls them together and provides them with a second chance at love.

Intriguing Characters

The actors in ‘Aashao Ka Savera Dheere Dheere Se’ are all exceptionally talented and well-known in the television industry, which contributes to the show's high quality. Aman Varma, who had taken a break from television, made his comeback to the TV industry through Star Bharat’s serial 'Aashao Ka Savera Dheere Dheere Se' with a strong character. The serial cast also features well-known artists like Reena Kapoor, Rahil Azam, and Raju Kher, who play the roles Bhawna, Raghav, and Shastri, respectively. The serial's cast, which provided unforgettable characters, had already established a standard.

Beautiful Location

While filming the serial ‘Aashao Ka Savera Dheere Dheere Se’, the serenity of Ujjain is captured. The serial gives the viewers another opportunity to experience Ujjain's numerous notable spots on their television screen. The audience will be able to observe the diversity and culture of Ujjain maintaining the originality in the content.

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