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The Best Fitness Trackers of 2024 - Experts Guide

Sure, your smartwatch can track your steps and little else, but activity trackers are more efficient when it comes to this task. Below, we have listed the best fitness trackers and watches for various needs, whether you’re into running, swimming, or just staying active these top picks offer advanced features, accuracy, and convenience to meet your fitness goals.

The Best Fitness Trackers of 2024 - Experts Guide

Our Top Picks

  • Best Overall: The SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 6 is our top pick for the with its sleek design, comprehensive health monitoring features, and compatibility with a wide range of smartphones, making it the top choice for users seeking a versatile and reliable fitness companion.

  • Best Budget: The Fitbit Charge 6 Fitness Tracker with Google apps offers excellent value with its affordable price point, while still delivering essential fitness tracking features such as heart rate monitoring, activity tracking, and GPS, making it an ideal choice for budget-conscious consumers.

Best fitness wearables trackers can help you sleep better, and maintain a healthier lifestyle. Activity trackers have come a long way since their inception, now featuring advanced technology like heart rate monitors, GPS tracking, sleep analysis, and even ECG capabilities. 

These devices not only track your steps but also offer comprehensive insights into your overall health and fitness.

Yes, they should be comfortable, but they also need to fit your lifestyle and workout preferences. Whether you're a runner, swimmer, cyclist, or someone just looking to monitor daily activities, the right fitness tracker can make a significant difference in achieving your goals. 

From tracking your runs and swims to analysing your sleep patterns and stress levels, modern fitness trackers provide a wealth of data to help you stay on top of your health.

However, with the market being cluttered and each brand boasting to be the best, things can get confusing quickly. To help you navigate through this dilemma, we have compiled a list of some of the best fitness trackers and watches. Our top picks are chosen based on their features, accuracy, comfort, and overall value to ensure you find the perfect fit for your fitness journey.

Factors to contemplate when looking to shop for a fitness watch/tracker 

  • Fitness Goals: Consider your fitness objectives and the activities you engage in regularly. Whether you're a runner, swimmer, cyclist, or gym enthusiast, choose a watch that aligns with your specific activities.

  • Features: Look for features that are important to you, such as step tracking, heart rate monitoring, GPS, sleep tracking, and activity-specific metrics like swimming stroke detection or cycling cadence.

  • Battery Life: Evaluate the battery life of the watch, especially if you plan on using it for extended workouts or outdoor activities. Longer battery life ensures uninterrupted tracking without frequent recharging.

  • Compatibility: Check if the watch is compatible with your smartphone's operating system (iOS or Android). Compatibility ensures seamless synchronisation of data and access to companion apps.

  • Design and Comfort: Consider the design, size, and weight of the watch. It should be comfortable to wear during workouts and throughout the day. Additionally, choose a design that suits your style preferences.

  • Durability and Water Resistance: Opt for a watch that is durable and water-resistant, especially if you engage in activities like swimming or outdoor sports. Look for water resistance ratings suitable for your intended activities.

  • User Interface and Navigation: Ensure the watch has an intuitive user interface and easy navigation. You should be able to access and understand the data quickly during workouts without distraction.

  • App Support and Ecosystem: Check the availability and quality of companion apps associated with the watch. A robust app ecosystem provides additional features, insights, and community support for your fitness journey.

How we picked them for you 

  • Comparative Analysis: We compared the performance of each fitness watch against competitors in its price range, highlighting strengths and weaknesses to provide a comprehensive assessment of its overall performance value.

  • User Feedback: We considered user feedback and reviews from individuals who have firsthand experience using these fitness trackers, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of real-world performance and satisfaction.

  • Quality Assessment: We evaluated the build quality, durability, and reliability of the listed products to ensure they meet high standards of performance and longevity.

  • Value Proposition: We assessed the overall value proposition of each fitness tracker, considering factors such as price, features, battery life, and customer support to determine their worthiness of recommendation.

  • Compatibility Check: We took into compatibility with different devices and operating systems, ensuring seamless integration with your smartphone and other gadgets.

Here is a list of best fitness trackers and watches in India

  1. Fitbit Charge 6 Fitness Tracker with Google apps

The Fitbit Charge 6 Fitness Tracker is an ultimate companion for staying active and healthy. With advanced features like heart rate monitoring, built-in GPS, and 40+ exercise modes, it helps you track your workouts with precision. 

The sleek design, comfortable band, and easy navigation button make it effortless to use during your daily activities. It provides comprehensive health insights including stress management scores, nightly sleep scores, and oxygen saturation monitoring. 

With a vibrant colour touchscreen and customizable clock faces, it keeps you connected with smartphone notifications and music controls. 

Plus, it comes with a 6-month Premium membership for exclusive workouts and mindfulness sessions. With 7 days of battery life and water resistance up to 50m, the Fitbit Charge 6 ensures you stay motivated and on track towards your fitness goals.


  • Price: $155 

  • Brand: Fitbit

  • Display: Colour Touchscreen

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Enabled

  • Water Resistance: 50m Depth

  • Battery Life: 7 Days

  • Compatibility: iOS, Android

Pros Cons
User-friendly interface Connectivity issues at times
Sleek design with customizable clock faces Chargings drains fast
Waterproof design
Accurate tracking
Easy navigation with side button
Excellent performance and quality

User’s Review : "I was looking for something to monitor my heart rate accurately, but also my sleep. This FitBit does that and more. I like that it beeps at me to tell me to get up and move about. I work from home, so sitting on my butt happens all the time. It gauges my movement all the time, and helps to keep me moving. When I am working on a deadline, I can easily get distracted and sit at my desk for hours at a time. The heart rate monitor is accurate. I have tested it with a pulse Ox and both show Mr the same heart rate. I have a couple small issues with my heart, so monitoring my heart rate is important..."

Why it's worth buying: Worth buying for accurate tracking and comprehensive health insights. Amazon's top choice with high demand and satisfaction.

The Garmin vívomove Trend hybrid smartwatch combines classic analog style with essential smart features for everyday use. With a stylish 40 mm design and stainless steel bezel, it seamlessly blends sophistication with functionality. 

Its long-lasting battery life of up to 5 days in smart mode ensures you stay connected without frequent recharging. Behind the analog-style hands lies a hidden touchscreen display, providing notifications, health monitoring features, and Garmin Pay™ contactless payments. 

Track your fitness activities, monitor your heart rate, sleep score, stress levels, and more, all while enjoying the convenience of smart notifications and payment solutions. With water resistance up to 5 ATM and interchangeable quick release bands, the Garmin vívomove Trend offers both style and substance for your everyday life.


  • Price: $269 

  • Brand: Garmin

  • Display: Touchscreen

  • Battery Life: Long-lasting

  • Water Resistance: 5 ATM

  • Compatibility: Smartphone

  • Size: 40 mm

  • Bands: Quick release

Pros Cons
Classic analog look Limited app integration
Long battery life Unresponsive touch at times
Health monitoring features
Hidden touchscreen display
Interchangeable bands

User’s Review : "This watch is pretty accurate when it comes to tracking steps, calories and flight of stairs taken. HR as well, it is extremely comfortable and lightweight. Totally worth it, I can’t wait to use it to track my workouts."

Why it's worth buying: With its long battery life, essential smart features, and comprehensive health monitoring capabilities, it enhances both style and convenience, making it worth the investment.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is a featured packed companion for achieving your fitness and wellness goals. With comprehensive fitness tracking capabilities, it provides insights into duration, distance, calories burned, and over 90 different exercises. 

Personalised heart rate zones help you target your preferred intensity for effective workouts. Advanced sleep coaching features assist in developing better sleep habits by planning bedtime, detecting snoring, and tracking sleep stages. 

With continuous heart rate monitoring and an advanced BIA sensor, it offers insights into heart health, body composition, and more. Stay connected on the go with seamless synchronisation with other Galaxy devices, allowing you to play music, control your smartphone camera, make calls, and more directly from your wrist. 

Plus, with customizable bands and watch faces, you can express your style effortlessly.


  • Brand: Samsung

  • Price: $269 

  • Display: Touchscreen

  • Battery Life: Long-lasting

  • Water Resistance: 5 ATM

  • Compatibility: Smartphone

  • Design: Round shape

Pros Cons
Accurate fitness tracking Battery life could be better
Stylish and versatile design
Highly durable
Seamless connectivity with smartphones
Easy-to-use touchscreen display

User’s Review : "The main reason I got this watch is because I have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, and want to monitor my sleep. So far, the sleep function is awesome, although tracking REM is always iffy with watches, this one seems to be pretty accurate compared to my sleep tests. I broke my back years ago, so I will not be using it to track standard gym type workouts, as most movements required in exercising are very painful, but I do like monitoring my steps and going on long hikes in the mountains so this will be perfect for my limited uses."

Why it's worth buying: Worth buying for its comprehensive features and stylish design, backed by stellar 4.5-star ratings and recognition as an Amazon Choice product with over 1K purchases last month.

The Google Pixel Watch 2 is a cutting-edge Android smartwatch that combines the best features of Fitbit and Google to enhance your health, safety, and productivity. With advanced sensors for heart rate tracking, skin temperature monitoring, and stress management, it provides deeper insights into your well-being. 

You can easily enjoy Fitbit's most accurate heart rate tracking yet, along with features like auto workout mode and pace training to help you reach your fitness goals faster. Stay safe with emergency SOS and fall detection features, and stay connected with your favourite Google apps and services right from your wrist. 

With its sleek matte black aluminium case and always-on display, the Pixel Watch 2 offers style, comfort, and convenience for your everyday life.


  • Price: $349

  • Brand: Google 

  • Power Source: Battery Powered

  • Display Type: Always-On

  • Case Material: Aluminum Housing

  • Sensors: Heart Rate, Skin Temperature

  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi Enabled

Pros Cons
Accurate health tracking Size is too small
Comprehensive safety features Doesn't show real-time heart rate in the app at times
Sleek design with aluminium housing
Easy to use and navigate
User friendly interface

User’s Review : "My first smart watch and it's definitely an upgrade from a fitbit. Easy hands free texting and calls. I use battery saver mode and it will easily last 48 hours with average use. I haven't tried the always on feature. I'd imagine its last about 24 hours if it were to be used. It would be nice if they offer the tilt to wake up feature while using battery saver mode to conserve the battery and not have to tap the screen to wake it. The biggest plus is it charges super fast. If the next model has wireless charging capabilities, that'd be another plus!"

Why it's worth buying: Amazon's choice with 4.2 stars attests to its reliability and user satisfaction.

The WHOOP 4.0 wearable health and fitness tracker includes a 12-month subscription, offering continuous monitoring of key physiological data. It tracks heart rate, respiratory rate, heart rate variability, skin temperature, and blood oxygen levels, helping you understand your overall health and wellness. 

With personalised insights, WHOOP guides you to optimize performance and improve sleep, strain, and recovery. The waterproof battery pack allows on-the-go charging, providing continuous data for days. Designed for comfort and durability, it features an ultra-soft backing and microfilament yarn. 

The WHOOP community, including professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts, offers support and motivation. This tracker is compatible with smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops, ensuring you stay connected and informed about your health and fitness goals.


  • Price: $239

  • Brand: WHOOP

  • Power Source: Battery Powered

  • Screen Size: 4 Inches

  • Battery Life: 5 Days

  • Sensor Type: Wearable

  • Band Material: SuperKnit

  • Connectivity: Smartphone Compatible

Pros Cons
Accurate continuous health monitoring Issues with charging
Personalised health insights Dependence on companion app
Easy to set up and operate
Comfortable and durable band
Decent battery life

User’s Review : "I have been wanting to jump on the bandwagon and try out the Whoop. No money wasted at all. It actually amazes me what it picks up. I forgot to set my activity the other day and it recognized that I was golfing. Don’t ask me how, it just did! Same with my walk today. It records sleep better than the Apple Watch as well. However, I still wear both just on different arms!"

Why it's worth buying: With 4,000+ purchases last month and a 4-star rating on Amazon, its effectiveness and user satisfaction are well-proven.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can fitness trackers monitor heart rate accurately?

  • Modern fitness trackers use advanced optical sensors to measure heart rate continuously. While they provide accurate readings for general fitness and health tracking, they may not be as precise as medical-grade devices.

Do fitness trackers require a smartphone?

  • Fitness trackers often require a smartphone for initial setup, syncing data, and accessing detailed analytics through companion apps. However, some features, like step counting and basic heart rate monitoring, can be used without a smartphone.

How long do fitness tracker batteries last?

  • Battery life varies by device but typically ranges from a few days to several weeks on a single charge. More advanced features like GPS and continuous heart rate monitoring can reduce battery life.

Can fitness trackers help with weight loss?

  • Fitness trackers can aid weight loss by tracking physical activity, monitoring calorie burn, and encouraging users to stay active. By providing data and motivation, they help users maintain a consistent exercise routine and healthier habits.

Are fitness trackers worth the investment?

  • Fitness trackers can be worth the investment if you are committed to improving your health and fitness. They provide valuable insights and motivation to stay active, track progress, and achieve fitness goals.

In Conclusion 

Fitness watches and trackers offer invaluable support in achieving health and wellness goals by providing insights into activity levels, sleep patterns, and overall well-being. With a multitude of options available, choosing the right one can significantly impact your fitness journey. Our carefully curated list of recommendations ensures that you find a device tailored to your needs, whether it's for basic activity tracking or advanced health monitoring. Investing in one of our recommended fitness watches or trackers promises not only convenience but also the motivation and guidance necessary to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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