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10 Best Surge Protectors for 2024 | Experts Reviewed

Protect your valuable electronics with the best surge protectors. Explore our top-rated options for home, office, and gaming setups, including smart surge protectors, affordable choices, and ones with USB ports.

10 Best Surge Protectors for 2024 | Experts Reviewed

Our Top Picks

  • Best Overall: The Tripp Lite 12 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip stands out as the best surge protectors that offers extensive protection with 12 outlets, 2 USB ports, and a 4320 Joules surge protection rating, ensuring maximum safety for multiple devices across various settings.

  • Best for Homes: The Belkin Surge Protector Power Strip features 8 rotating outlets and 4 standard outlets, providing a total of 12 outlets with 4320 Joules of surge protection, perfect for home entertainment systems and household electronics.

  • Best for Offices: The Furman Power Conditioner (PST-8) is ideal for office use, providing advanced linear filtering and 8 outlets with 12,000 Joules of surge protection, ensuring clean power and safeguarding critical office equipment.

  • Best Budget: The NTONPOWER 15ft Extension Cord Surge Protector offers 10 outlets and 4 USB ports, with 1080 Joules of surge protection, making it an affordable and versatile choice for both home and office environments.

The best surge protectors offer more than just extra outlets, they safeguard your valuable electronics from unpredictable power surges, preserving their longevity and performance. Most homes are packed with an array of electronics, each vying for a spot on the nearest power strip. 

It might seem manageable, but the risk of power surges—a sudden spike in electrical voltage—poses a real threat to your valuable devices. These surges, often caused by lightning strikes, power outages, or even issues with the electrical grid, can damage or destroy your electronics over time.

Beyond just providing extra outlets, these devices are essential for safeguarding your gadgets. They act as a buffer, absorbing the excess voltage and preventing it from reaching your equipment. This not only protects your investments but also ensures that your electronics continue to function smoothly and efficiently for years to come.

Furthermore, the best surge protectors offer additional features such as USB charging ports, smart outlets, and compatibility with various types of equipment. They come in different forms, from compact power strips for everyday use to heavy-duty models designed to safeguard entire home theatres or office setups.

We have listed the best surge protectors available for you below, so you can choose the perfect one to keep your electronics safe and your mind at ease.

Difference between power strips and surge protector 

A power strip simply extends a single power outlet into multiple outlets, allowing you to plug in several devices. In contrast, a surge protector includes additional circuitry that shields your electronics from voltage spikes, protecting sensitive equipment like TVs, computers, and home appliances from potential damage.

What to consider when looking for a surge protector

  • Joule Rating: Higher joule ratings indicate better protection. Look for ratings of 1000 joules or more for effective surge protection.

  • Clamping Voltage: The lower the clamping voltage, the better the surge protector. Aim for a clamping voltage under 400V.

  • Number of Outlets: Ensure the surge protector has enough outlets to accommodate all your devices, with some offering USB ports for additional convenience.

  • Response Time: Faster response times (measured in nanoseconds) mean quicker protection from surges. Look for surge protectors with response times under 1 nanosecond.

  • Warranty and Protection Plan: Check the warranty duration and the terms of the equipment protection plan, which can cover repairs or replacements of damaged electronics.

  • Indicator Lights: Lights that show the surge protector is working properly and whether it’s still protecting your devices are valuable for peace of mind.

  • Build Quality: Opt for surge protectors with sturdy construction and reputable brands to ensure durability and reliability.

  • EMI/RFI Noise Filtering: Features that reduce electromagnetic and radio frequency interference can enhance your electronics’ performance.

  • Cord Length: Consider the length of the power cord to ensure it reaches your devices comfortably without clutter.

  • USB Ports: Surge protectors with built-in USB ports provide added convenience for charging smartphones, tablets, and other USB-powered devices.

  • Energy Monitoring: Some models offer energy monitoring features, allowing you to track power usage and save on electricity bills.

  • Size and Design: Choose a surge protector that fits your space and complements your setup, whether it's a slim, wall-mounted model or a traditional power strip.

How we selected them for you 

  • Performance Evaluation: We assessed each surge protector’s performance based on critical factors like joule rating, clamping voltage, and response time to ensure optimal protection against power surges.

  • Comparison of Features: We compared the features of various models, weighing their pros and cons, such as the number of outlets, USB ports, EMI/RFI noise filtering, and energy monitoring capabilities.

  • Brand Reputation: We prioritised surge protectors from reputable brands known for quality and reliability, ensuring that you get a product from a trusted manufacturer.

  • User Reviews: We examined user reviews and feedback across multiple platforms to gauge real-world performance, common issues, and customer satisfaction.

  • Value for Money: We considered the cost versus benefits, ensuring that each selected surge protector offers excellent value for its price, balancing features, performance, and affordability.

  • Certifications and Compliance: We checked for necessary certifications like UL listing to confirm that the surge protectors meet safety standards and regulations.

Below is the comprehensive review of best surge protectors


The Belkin USB Power Strip Surge Protector features 12 AC outlets and 2 USB ports with a 6-foot flat plug extension cord, making it ideal for home, office, or travel. With a 3,996 joule rating, this surge protector provides robust protection against power surges, voltage spikes, and electrical faults, ensuring the safety of your electronics and appliances. 

Its widely spaced outlets accommodate large plugs and charger bricks, while the compact design and wall-mountable feature save space. UL 1440 certified, the surge protector includes a $300,000 Connected Equipment Warranty and is designed to offer efficient, high-speed charging for multiple devices simultaneously.


  • Price: $30

  • Brand: Belkin 

  • Joule Rating: 3,996

  • Outlet Count: 12 ac

  • Usb Ports: 2.1a

  • Cord Length: 6 feet

  • Voltage Protection: 125 volts

  • Warranty: 2 years



Heavy-duty and appears to have a high gauge

Large so not great portability for travelling

USB ports are great

Spread out socket on both sides

Well-designed power strip

User’s Reviews: "Swapped out my old, overstuffed power strip with this, and I am very happy with it. I particularly like the mix of closely spaced outlets for regular plugs plus some widely-spaced outlets to the side for my bulky and awkward plugs. Feels like good quality, no issues so far. I wouldn't travel with it because of its size, but it's great for a desk setup. It fits in a large under-desk clamp-on mesh box for power strips with room on the sides and ends for bulky plugs to overhang."

Why it's worth buying: It's worth buying for its exceptional 4.8-star ratings on Amazon, highlighting customer satisfaction. Plus, being an Amazon Choice product underscores its quality and reliability.


The Tripp Lite 12 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip in black offers comprehensive protection with 2880 joules to safeguard your electronics from damaging power surges. Featuring twelve NEMA 5-15R outlets, including transformer outlets for bulky adapters, it includes built-in protection for coaxial, Ethernet, and telephone/modem connections. 

The 8-foot AC power cord with a right-angle plug provides flexibility and easy access to distant outlets, while diagnostic LEDs indicate grounding and protection status at a glance. Ideal for home and office use, this surge protector is backed by a lifetime warranty and $250,000 insurance for connected equipment, ensuring peace of mind against unexpected electrical disturbances.



Great performance and quality 

Sockets may be hard 

Well-made durable and has a higher joule rating 

Slightly expensive 

Many outlets all positioned at the right angle 

Logical layout and design 

User’s Reviews: "Can't vouch for the surge protection because I haven't had any bad surges, but it seems well built and has worked for 3 years without issue."

Why it's worth buying: It's worth buying because 85% of Amazon users rated it 5 stars, highlighting its reliability and effectiveness in protecting valuable electronics with its high surge protection.


The APC Performance Surge Protector P11U2 provides robust protection with 2880 joules of surge protection, safeguarding up to 11 devices with its 11 outlets, including 5 regular and 6 transformer-spaced outlets. It features 2 USB ports with 2.4A charging power for smartphones and tablets. 

The 8-foot power cord with a 90-degree flat plug saves space, while diagnostic LEDs confirm protection status. Designed for home and office use, this surge protector is backed by a lifetime warranty and $250,000 connected equipment protection policy, ensuring reliable defense against power surges, spikes, and lightning strikes. Ideal for protecting computers, TVs, and other electronics.


  • Price: $43

  • Brand: APC

  • Surge Protection: 2880 Joules

  • Outlets: 11

  • USB Ports: 2 (2.4A)

  • Cord Length: 8 feet

  • Plug Type: 90-degree flat

  • Warranty: Lifetime, $250k protection



Has a nice protective sleeve

No advanced features 

High surge protection rating

Long power cord

Compact design with rotating plug

User’s Reviews: "I have 3 of these now. I love that they have plenty of outlets, including the 2 USB charging ports. They are low profile but add plenty of expandability. Very useful for an entertainment centre, computer station, or any location you need to add a lot of outlets to. An added feature, it has a 90 degree plug for the wall! Makes it great to put behind a dresser, desk, or just to have overall nice looking cable management. I will buy it again next time I need a power strip!"

Why it's worth buying: It's worth buying for its robust surge protection and versatile outlet configuration, backed by glowing reviews with an impressive 4.8-star rating from over 11,000 satisfied users.


SMALLRT's Tower Surge Protector Power Strip efficiently powers up to 16 devices with 12 AC outlets and 4 smart USB ports (including 1 USB-C). This surge protector, with a 1200 joule rating, provides comprehensive protection against spikes and overloads. Its 6.5-foot extension cord and flat plug design fit tight spaces easily. 

The vertical design saves space and includes an anti-slip base for stability. Smart USB technology ensures optimal charging speed for all devices. Ideal for home and office use, this durable, fire-resistant power strip keeps your electronics safe and organised.


  • Price: $26.99 

  • Brand: SMALLRT

  • Total Outlets: 16

  • Surge Protection: 1200 Joules

  • Usb Ports: 4 Smart

  • Cord Length: 6.5 Feet

  • Voltage: 5V/3.4A

  • Safety Features: Overload Protection



Performance is top notch 

The process of charging is clunky 

Easily portable due to compact size 

Not so durable 

It can handle a lot of plug-ins

Looks good is nifty and clean

User’s Reviews: "Purchased in May 2024 for my maddeningly small kitchen that is woefully short of usable outlets. I can now, for the first time in 19 years, plug in my food processor, toaster, mixer, blender, ice maker, and still have an outlet for a bug zapper. It stands with its 12 outlets readily accessible on the window ledge over my very small counter top. That mild breeze you might have felt go past you was likely my sigh of relief."

Why it's worth buying: Its popularity is evident with over 1K purchases on Amazon last month alone.


TROND's Surge Protector Power Strip, ETL listed and with 4000 joules protection, ensures your electronics are safe from power surges. Featuring 13 widely spaced AC outlets and 4 USB ports (including 1 USB-C), it allows you to power and charge up to 17 devices simultaneously. 

The 5-foot heavy-duty extension cord with a low-profile flat plug fits easily in tight spaces. Wall-mountable with included screws, it's perfect for home and office setups. Made from flame-retardant material, this surge protector provides peace of mind with its overload protection, circuit breaker, and durable design, keeping your devices secure and organised.


  • Price: $26.98

  • Brand: TROND

  • Surge Protection: 4000 joules

  • Outlets: 13 AC, 4 USB

  • Voltage: 125 volts

  • Cord Length: 5 feet

  • Material: Flame-retardant

  • Certification: ETL listed



Heavy-duty construction

Screwheads may break off while screwing

Provides plenty of room to plug in efficiently 

Highly functional 

Easy wall-mountable design

User’s Reviews: "I needed a multi outlet (more than 6) for my shop but was not willing to pay what my local big box wanted. Found this and it is just perfect. The cord is long enough for my situation but what I liked most was the plug- it is angled so that when plugged into the outlet the cord runs down the wall rather than out. The fact that it has a high 4000j rating is a plus should I need to plug in my phone or laptop."

Why it's worth buying: This Amazon Choice product boasts a 4.8-star rating from over 8,000+ reviewers, highlighting its reliable surge protection and versatility.




Build quality is excellent 

Bulky design

There is no audio hissing hum or interference noises

Higher price point

Eliminates ground loop issues

Improves image and audio quality significantly 

User’s Reviews: "I rarely leave reviews, but this time I had to say something about this surge protector. It is definitely more than just a surge protector! I had no idea it would improve my Audio signal this much. I'm using it with an audio interface and Windows PC. The sound was noticeably cleaner and clearer. I was using a basic surge protector, but trust me, this one is worth the extra money spent!"

Why it's worth buying: Its popularity is evident with over 1K purchases on Amazon last month alone.


NTONPOWER's 15ft Extension Cord Surge Protector Power Strip boasts 10 outlets and 4 USB ports, making it ideal for home, office, and dorm use. The flat plug design saves space, fitting behind furniture and desks without blocking other outlets. With 1080 Joules surge protection, this power strip safeguards your devices against surges and spikes. 

It includes a circuit breaker with an OFF/RESET switch for added safety. The extension cord's 45° angled plug and two mounting holes provide versatile installation options. Equipped with Smart IC technology, the USB ports automatically adjust to provide optimal charging for smartphones, tablets, and more.


  • Price: 19.98

  • Brand: NTONPOWER

  • Surge Protection: 1080 Joules

  • Power Cord: 15 Feet

  • USB Ports: 4 Ports

  • Mounting Holes: 2 Holes

  • Circuit Breaker: Yes

  • Plug Type: Flat Plug



Comes with a  handy cord velcro wrap

Switches quality could be improved 

Cord of th length is long 

USB ports do not charge fast enough 

Premium and well designed quality 

Flat plug saves space efficiently

User’s Reviews: "We have a few things we needed this for. Currently sits on my end table to charge my phone, the red light knee brace for heat and we have 15 feet of cord to use it anywhere we need it. Makes everything conveniently charging. I highly recommend it. Great quality too. Has 4 ports and 3 electric plugs AND 3 additional outlets on the side too, which was a surprise."

Why it's worth buying: With 4,000+ units sold last month, this power strip’s 1080 Joules surge protection makes it a reliable choice for safeguarding your devices.


Belkin's Surge Protector Power Strip offers robust protection with 12 surge-protected outlets, delivering 4,320 joules of security for computers, home theatres, and more. Featuring 8 rotating outlets and 4 stationary outlets, it accommodates large adapter blocks and organises cables with its cord-management system. 

The 8-foot heavy-duty cord and compact design ensure versatility and space-saving functionality in home offices or workstations. With safety indicators for surge and ground protection, plus a $300,000 Connected Equipment Warranty, this surge protector ensures reliable performance and peace of mind for all connected devices. Ideal for home, office, or travel use.


  • Price: $38 

  • Brand: Belkin

  • Surge Protection: 4,320 Joules

  • Outlet Types: 8 Rotating

  • Cord Length: 8 Feet

  • Indicator Light: Safety

  • Warranty Coverage: $300,000

  • Safety Standards: UL Certified



Provides ample outlet space

Indicator light could be brighter

Heavy-duty cord provides durability

Durability issues 

Rotating outlets reduce clutter

Extensive surge protection coverage

User’s Reviews: "I bought a new TV and Bluray player and needed a surge protector for them. I trust Belkin as a supplier, and this did not disappoint. The rotating plugs are very useful when you are plugging in numerous wall-wart style power supplies, and the regular plugs are perfect for standard power cords. I'm now using three of this exact model in different rooms for TVs and as the primary surge protector for my home network equipment.

Good product."

Why it's worth buying: It's worth buying because 88% of over 18,000 reviewers rated it 5 stars, indicating high satisfaction with its performance and reliability.


Kasa Smart's KP303 Power Strip integrates 3 smart outlets and 2 USB ports, allowing simultaneous control of up to 5 devices. With Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility, manage devices hands-free using voice commands. ETL-certified surge protection safeguards electronics from power surges. The Kasa Smart app enables remote device control and scheduling, enhancing convenience and energy efficiency. 

Its compact design fits in tight spaces while leaving adjacent outlets accessible. Setup is straightforward via the Kasa Smart app and requires no additional hub. Ideal for home and office use, this smart power strip optimises device management with ease and reliability.


  • Price: $22

  • Brand: Kasa

  • Smart Outlets: 3

  • USB Ports: 2

  • Surge Protection: ETL

  • Voice Control: Alexa, Google

  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi



Reliable performance 

Not suitable for high-power devices

Easy setup no hub required

Constantly loses connection

Individual outlet control is a boon

Voice command convenience

User’s Reviews: "I have Kasa products all around my house! Fairly easy to set up. I have had some issues getting the mini Kasa plugs to link up. But once it's set these are so helpful and convenient. My main use for getting these was to put my reptile lights on a schedule. I love how you can go into the app anytime to check on this or change the schedule up so quickly. Highly recommended!"

Why it's worth buying: With a 4.6-star rating on Amazon, this smart plug power strip is praised for its reliable performance and ease of use.


Sleek Socket's 6-Outlet Surge Protector is designed to discreetly conceal and organize home office and home theater setups. With 40,000 Amps surge protection and 1080 joules, it effectively safeguards electronics while eliminating bulky plugs and cords. This ultra-thin device seamlessly blends with walls, enhancing décor without tools required for installation. Ideal for behind TV stands or desks, it expands outlet capacity and includes adhesive cord clips for neat cord management. Universally compatible with standard duplex outlets, it meets UL and CSA safety standards, ensuring reliability for media rooms and office spaces alike. Simplify and enhance your living environment with Sleek Socket.


  • Price: $32.95 

  • Brand: Sleek Socket

  • Surge Protection: 40,000 Amps

  • Joules Rating: 1080

  • Cord Length: 6 Feet

  • Outlet Count: 6

  • Compatibility: Standard Duplex

  • Certification: UL Listed



Good performance 

Adhesive clips may not adhere well

Looks neat and cleans up the wall appearance

Cord management could be difficult 

Easy installation no tools needed

UL certified for safety compliance

User’s Reviews: "When you have furniture that covers an outlet this is the solution. It is simple, effective and smart. You don't crush plugs into their sockets and bend cords in a hazardous manner. This even saves the back of your furniture from being damaged by protruding plugs. It's a win - win all the way around."

Why it's worth buying: It's worth buying for its sleek design that seamlessly hides outlets and cords, coupled with robust surge protection and high customer satisfaction with an average rating of 4.7 stars from over 60,000 reviewers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best surge protector? 

  • Some top-rated surge protectors include the Tripp Lite 12 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip, APC Performance Surge Protector, and Furman Power Conditioner (PST-8). These models are highly regarded for their robust surge protection, number of outlets, and additional features like noise filtering.

How many joules is best for a surge protector? 

  • A surge protector with at least 1000 to 2000 joules is generally considered sufficient for most household and office electronics. Higher joule ratings, such as 3000 or more, are ideal for protecting more sensitive equipment or for use in high-risk areas.

Do surge protectors wear out? 

  • Yes, surge protectors can wear out over time, especially after they have absorbed several surges. It is advisable to replace surge protectors every 3-5 years or if the indicator light shows that they are no longer protecting your devices.

How do I know if my surge protector is still working? 

  • Most surge protectors have an indicator light that shows whether they are functioning properly. If the light is off or flickers, or if your devices are damaged despite being plugged in, it may be time to replace the surge protector.

Can I plug a surge protector into another surge protector? 

  • Plugging a surge protector into another surge protector, also known as daisy-chaining, is not recommended. It can lead to overloading, reducing the effectiveness of surge protection, and posing a fire hazard.

To Wrap Up 

Investing in a quality surge protector ensures the longevity and reliability of your devices, providing peace of mind and protection for your valuable electronics. Our recommendations are selected based on high ratings, robust surge protection capabilities, and  user-friendly features, making them a worthwhile investment. Whether for your home office, entertainment system, or workplace, these surge protectors offer reliable protection and convenience.


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