Tuesday, Nov 29, 2022

Sustainable Travel: The World’s Coolest Carbon-Neutral Hotels

The best sustainable hotels for your next eco-conscious vacation

Sustainable hotels
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Chyulu Club,  Kenya

The resort is situated in the heart of the gorgeous Chyulu Hills and prides its carbon-negative and zero-emission credentials, beautifully supported by the Tsavo West National Park and the towering Kilimanjaro.


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During the stay, travellers enjoy a harmonious approach towards their surroundings and are invited to understand and participate in conservation communications. Surrounded by giraffes and hippos, one can truly connect to the ecosystem and align with the resort’s sustainability mindset.

Website: https://www.chyuluclub.com/ 

Pumpkin Island, Australia

The first fully carbon-neutral hotel in Australia, Elysian Retreat finds its home in one of the silver lines of the Southern Great Barrier Reef’s Keppel Group of islands 14 kilometres off the coast of Yeppoon. The tiny island houses accommodation for up to 34 guests at a time within seven self-catering units that are completely powered by hydro and solar power.

Slightly on the luxurious side, this stay is however worth the cost as it practices initiatives like choosing service providers based on their eco-consciousness, filling water via filtered rainwater and caring to reduce waste production and increase composting. A traveller can engage with the rich wildlife around, see dolphins, turtles and whales around, and snorkel and kayak around, but will have to abide by the sustainable regulations put by the hotel.

Website: https://www.elysianretreat.com.au/ 


The Hotel BOAT&CO is an excellent example of how one has to dive deeper to understand the depths of the pool and not be fooled by its surface. Since it first opened its doors in 2019, this eco-oasis has been channelling in the attention of Amsterdam's cool youngsters, despite its factory-like appearance.


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The property, which is located in the burgeoning Western Docklands neighbourhood, has built-in sustainable techniques into every aspect, including a thermal energy storage system, zero-waste building materials and furniture made of natural wood. The hotel is a set of apartments offering a fully equipped kitchen, living space, dedicated work spot, bathroom and comfy beds to all travellers. 

Website: https://www.boatandco.nl/ 

Room2, London

Opening in December, Room2 will be a fully net-zero carbon hotel optimizing a heat pump and solar panels to provide energy for heating and hot water. The abode is divided into twin coloured roofs - blue and green whereby the green roof promotes biodiversity, while the blue one collects rainfall beneath it.

The 86-room structure which takes its nuances from Chiswick's Arts and Crafts past provides its guests with innovative vacationing techniques like a smart lighting and heating system, water-saving showers, and three-in-one recycling bins out of which electricity is generated later on.

Website: https://room2.com/hammersmith/ 

Two Bunch Palms, California

The upcoming hotels of this era usually incline towards the sustainable model of existence. However, we observe very few heritage hotels undergo a major change to be on the eco-conscious trend. But such is the case of California's Two Bunch Palms.

Settled on the boundaries of Joshua Tree National Park, the hotel started in 1940 and went through a series of renovations post-2014, to add a solar farm saving 20 million gallons of water, a mindfulness camp providing chakra-balancing massages to all guests, and organic earth-tone flooring. Travellers can go and rejoice in the downtown palm springs just 6 kms away from accommodation and relax without eco-guilt.

Website: https://www.twobunchpalms.com/ 

Svart, Norway

The upcoming Svart Hotel in Norway is a worthy mention to the list as it is going to be the world's first energy-positive accommodation. The structure is currently the winner of the 2021 Best Futura Project and strives to motivate travellers to care about environmental conservation, preservation, and the value of the span-new polar region.

Standing between the waters of the Holandsfjorden fjord and the foot of the Svartisen glacier,  the hotel will feature a off-the-gride restaurant, an indoor-outdoor wellness hub, and a sound-healing studio for its guests. By using off the grid solutions and greenhouse free farming, the abode will offer activities like Ice climbing, fishing, and yoga lessons to the travellers.

Website: https://www.svart.no/ 

Senda Monteverde, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is home to the forest-rich hotel of Senda Monteverde which offers one-of-a-kind attractions like a hike on hanging bridges to get a tree-top view of wildlife and climbing inside the marvellous hollow trees which have been there for thousands of years. Along with the adventure spree offered at this abode, there are a series of eco-conscious decisions the hotel makes.

For instance, no single-use plastics are allowed within the vicinity, hot water is solar-powered, the cleaning materials are biodegradable, and they've planted 5,500 native plants and trees on the grounds to provide guests with organic food without adding the food miles.

Website: https://www.sendamonteverde.com/ 

Sani Resort, Greece

Imagine soaking your body in the soft sun rays, as you overlook the waves crashing near the yellow and sandy beach while you enjoy a spa as all of it happens. Now, add the moral pleasure of knowing that all these facilities are being availed with excellent environmental credentials. Such is the experience at Sani Resort, Greece which is the first in Greece to go carbon neutral.

Home to 225 bird species, 110 hectares of protected wetlands and miles of fine golden beach, Sani Resort uses 100% renewable energy, has cut its water usage and single-use plastics and is on course to be plastic-free and waste-free by 2024. Travellers can go on bird watching, woodland hikes/bike rides and opt for eco excursions offered by the resort.

Website: https://sani-resort.com/