Monday, Aug 15, 2022

Mangrove Trails To Rainforest Walks: 5 Ways To Enjoy The Rainy Season

Wondering what to do this monsoon? We have put together a list of experiences that will bring alive the joy of rains in India

Kavlesaad Point near Amboli Hill station, Maharashtra
Kavlesaad Point near Amboli Hill station, Maharashtra Shutterstock

Reliving Malgudi Days 

The village of Agumbe lends itself to some excellent outdoor adventures — there are waterfalls and pools to bathe in, birds and snakes to spot and treks to build up your appetite. It is also where the famous television series, Malgudi Days, was shot. You can visit the house where Swami lived with his family, and even stay here as it is now a homestay. Agumbe falls under the Shimoga district which is also known for it's natural beauty. The green cover is dense and refreshing. Agumbe is not just for the herp-lovers, but is also popular among trekkers and hikers. Many streams and waterfall dot the forest, giving it a refreshing touch. 

Getting Up Close with Amphibians in Rainforests

Dark canopies, incessant rain, free-flowing streams, forests full of life, and frogs and toads in bewitching colours croaking in a chorus–this is Amboli in the Western Ghats. The south Maharashtra hill station is popular for weekend getaways and waterfalls and a host of reptiles and  amphibians which come out during the monsoon. Believe us when we say that the forest there are indeed lovely, dark and deep, and full of life. For a herping enthusiast, the entire biodiversity hotspot is teeming with life of all kinds. The real charm of Amboli comes out during the rainy season when the forest comes to life. The endemic and critically endangered Amboli Toad or the Tiger Toad is the star of this area. Malabar gliding frog and Malabar pit viper are other attractions that are irresistable to herping enthusiasts.

Many organisations conduct walks and trails in these forests. Check here

On a Cycling Trail to Mangroves

An 82km bicycle ride through the mangroves or perhaps the chance to go island-hopping in Goa? The Bicycle Trip Goa is one such company that organises offbeat ways to explore Goa, all on two wheels. These personalised tours, are usually of medium difficulty, and show you different sides of the city, whether through a dessert crawl or a vintage tour of Goa's historic sights.
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Encounters with the Rare White Bison in the Ghats 

A paradise for nature lovers, Marayur is the only place in Kerala where sandalwood trees grow naturally. This tiny village on the slopes of the Western Ghats has roots as far back as the stone age. Add the Chinnar Wildlife sanctuary to your bucket list to get an introduction to hundreds of bird species, migrating butterflies, and other mammals including the rare white bison. Enjoy a nice evening by the Pambar River and pop in to see the Thenkasinathan Temple nearby.

Trek to a Shiv Temple on a Horseshoe Gorge

Rajasthan’s Hadoti region is a few notches better than perfect in the monsoon. Dominated by the Chambal river, the otherwise parched landscape of Hadoti adorns gorgeous shades of green when the south-west monsoon arrives. To get the most breathtaking views, head to Garadia Mahadev temple nestled in the deep ravines of Chambal. This is where the Aravalli and Vindhyachal ranges meet. The Chambal meanders below, creating a horseshoe gorge. It is simply spectacular—the red hills covered with green foliage that dips in and out of the river. In the monsoon, spurts of waterfall canvas them. The crevices make for great nesting areas for birds as well as sloth bears.