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Indus Valley Civilization

Rakhigarhi is a Harappan-era settlement with seven mounds

Recent Excavations In Haryana’s Rakhigarhi Throw New Light On Indus Valley Civilisation

Rakhigarhi continues to surprise archaeologists and history-lovers with its wealth of artefacts and treasures

08 December 2022

Saraswati River (inset) has been mentioned in several Hindu scriptures such as the Vedas and Puranas

The Mystic River: Seeking Saraswati And The Quest For Indo-Vedic Civilisation

One of the most propagated and believed history of the Saraswati river came about in the late 19th century when Indologists and historians started identifying it as part of the Ghaggar-Hakra river system.

24 June 2022

Why Is The Humble Khichdi Offered To A Goddess Who Represents The Ultimate Energy Of The Cosmos?

05 October 2019

A fossil park in Dholavira

The Future of Our Past: What We Can Learn From Dholavira's Ruins

Questions are the lifeblood of scientific enquiry as they are of political dialogue. In fact, they are the essence of any dialogue

18 November 2022

The ruins at Lothal in Gujarat

Drive Through this Indus Valley Trail in Gujarat this Season

If you’re a lover of history then this driving trail through Gujarat is an ideal escape 

15 March 2022

The Press Conference On Rakhigarhi Findings Throws Up More Questions Than Answers

The scientists put forth an ‘Out of India’ migration theory while also attempting to disprove the ‘Aryan’ or Steppe migration theory saying that India has always been an indigenous population

06 September 2019

Indian EAM S.Jaishankar

Indian EAM S.Jaishankar To Begin His Maiden Visit To Egypt As The Two Nations Cement 75 Years Of Diplomatic Ties

India and Egypt traditionally enjoy warm and friendly relations underpinned by historical and cultural linkages and were founder-members of the Non-Aligned Movement.

13 October 2022


Indus Valley Civilisation People Gave Rise To Modern-Day South Asians: Report

Two research papers published in the journals Science and Cell confirm a Steppe or 'Aryan' migration that makes up the current South Asian population but also throws up questions about farming and the population of the...

06 September 2019

05 September 2019
Who Were The Indus Valley People? Long-Awaited Research Paper To Be Out Today

Who Were The Indus Valley People? Long-Awaited Research Paper To Be Out Today

In August last year, Outlook's cover story talked about the Rakhigarhi project. A year later, the findings of a long-awaited research paper will be published...


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