Tuesday, Mar 21, 2023


The all-female panel, moderated by Vyomesh Shukla, at Ahad Anhad.

Echoing The 'F' Word: Feminist Voices Above Chaos At Bihar Literature Festival

'Men and others have rage, we, women have our laughter': Women authors and editors talk about feminism, literature, patriarchy, and economy at the Bihar literature festival. 

21 March 2023

Challenging Patriarchy Through Writing

Writing is liberating for women in the sense that they can express themselves from the closest quarters of their being, a trove of enormous wealth, access to which they are denied.

29 October 2022

With Cracks In MeToo Movement And Silencing Of Women, How Do We Fight The Might Of Patriarchy?

#MeToo is a movement that dared to collectivize suffering, empathy, and perhaps hope. The celebrity trial in the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard case might have jeopardised the #MeToo movement but it is important to once again...

24 June 2022

A photograph of the 'Coloured School' at Alexandria Va circa 1864, taught by Harriet Jacobs and her

Building A Writerly Garden: Deconstructing Race And 'Womanism' In Autofiction

A generation of African American or Black women wrote their way into history and built an archive for the women who followed and who are to come.

02 November 2022

We The People: Hailing The Female Form And Feminist Voice

Artist Mayuri Chari whose installation series, 'I Am Not Created for Your Pleasure', questions and challenges regressive patriarchal norms

15 August 2022

A poster of 'Daman' starring Raveena Tandon

Filming 'Daman' On Marital Rape Was A Risk Worth Taking: Raveena Tandon   

'Daman' by filmmaker Kalpana Lajmi, was probably the first Hindi film to be made on the subject of marital rape. Actress Raveena Tandon speaks to Outlook about the 'risk' she took with the film and how it paid off, among...

29 May 2022

Ophelia Lovibond

Ophelia Lovibond Opens Up On Playing A Feminist Mag Publisher In 'Minx'

Ophelia Lovibond, who plays the character of a feminist magazine baron Joyce in the comedy series "Minx", opened up on the premise of the show.

31 October 2022


Mahima Tamang Shrestha, Co-founder and Director, Purple Tree PR 

Progression With Freedom - Fierce Leaders Sharing Stories, Views And Anecdotes On #Breakthebias 

Indeed women have progressed with time and earned our freedom which seemed a far off thought earlier. Yet, there still exist matters that need to be discussed.

09 March 2022