7 Winter Superfoods To Boost Kids Immunity

Eating healthy winter foods help keep your kids, disease-free and warm. Here are 7 foods to include in your kid’s diet:

7 Winter Superfoods To Boost Kids Immunity

One of the major struggles every mother face is the immunity issues for their kids. They are often worried about how to strengthen their kid’s immunity, especially in the winter season.

It is essential to balance immunity by trying natural immunity foods that serve multiple purposes.

As the temperatures begin to drop, sleeping in cosy comforters and wearing several layers and warm jackets won’t be enough for your little ones. Moreover, they feel uncomfortable in excessive layers and it becomes difficult to control them in one place. Eating healthy winter foods help keep your kids, disease-free and warm.

Here are 7 foods to include in your kid’s diet:

1. Jaggery
Jaggery adds an exotic flavour to every sweet dish and acts as a great remedy for cough, cold or lung infection. A combination of ginger/ saunf adds to the health benefits. Not only is jaggery healthier than sugar but it also keeps you warm during the chilly winter season. We can try jaggery laddo; with payasam/Pongal; jaggery chapatti; or gurcoated soya sticks etc.

2. Soups
Nothing works better than a hot bowl/ mug of soup on a cold wintery day. Soups are one of the best foods to keep your kids warm during winters and maintaining their digestive system. You can include these vegetables in soups: -spinach/celery/broccoli/mushroom/broccoli/beans/beetroot etc or lentils as the base or even non-vegetarian options such as chicken or mutton sticks

3. Eggs

Did you know an egg a day keeps a doctor away? Eating eggs fulfil protein, nutrient requirements and also constitute a healthy diet in winters. There are several recipes which have become popular amongst mothers, such as vegetable bread omelette; scrambled egg; poached eggs; fried vegetable eggs Carrots/beetroot/broccoli/ turnips etc.
These veggies can be consumed in multiple forms like halwa/ kheer/ fries/ salads as they all are loaded with vitamin-A content that protects your kid from infections and allergies. Also, it promotes digestion.

4. Sweet potato
Sweet potato tastes best when eaten after being roasted on the pan. The first step is to boil in water, peel off the skin and then serve hot with a pinch of chaat masala or with a thin layer of ghee or as halwa with jaggery.

5. Jowar/ragi/bajra/makka pancakes
These rotis are a healthy substitute to try in winters. You can serve it with curd, ghee and jaggery or with dhal/ saag. Or else, go for modified chapatti pizza, replacing it with this nutritious base.

6. Amla/oranges/kiwi/ kino

These are rich supplements of Vitamin C which are extremely nutritious and can also be prepared as a candy or as chapatti stuffing. It enhances immunity which is crucial for treating common flu and fight Covid-19 effectively.

7. Nuts
Nuts are one of the best foods that keep you warm and energetic during winters. Grab some cashews, almonds, peanuts, pistachios and walnuts to stay healthy the entire season. Even kids love nuts and including them in the diet will improve their metabolism. They serve as perfect snacks throughout the day.

(The author is a lifestyle coach and diet counsellor. She tweets @Bipasha1sugati)