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Confidence Soars With Large Crypto Whales For Ethereum (ETH), Rollblock (RBLK) And Avalanche (AVAX)

After a bullish performance in May, crypto whales have their eyes on Ethereum, Rollblock, and Avalanche. With new Ethereum ETFs marking a huge milestone for the cryptocurrency industry, experts believe that the crypto market could enter another bull run, with Ethereum, Avalanche, and Rollblock leading the way for other projects.

Rollblock (RBLK)

Can Ethereum Pass $4,000?

Ethereum has soared over the last week following the introduction of Ethereum ETFs. Just 24 hours after applications were approved, Ethereum temporarily became the world's second most traded cryptocurrency, with a trading volume of over $47 billion.

Although its trading volume has since fallen, Ethereum’s price is soaring. Over the last month ETH increased in value by 22%, and Ethereum is currently trading at $3,785. According to bullish experts like Daniel Bernstein, Ethereum could pass $4,000 in June.

Can Avalanche Recover From Trading Activity Dip?

Avalanche experienced a significant dip in trading activity in May. Over the last month, Avalanche’s total value locked (TVL) decreased by over 20%, showing that activity and interest have declined throughout the Avalanche ecosystem.

Experts believe this decrease could have been influenced by slower transaction times and fees, which have caused issues for Avalanche over the last month. Furthermore, growing competition throughout the ecosystem has caused some Avalanche investors to diversify.

In addition to a decrease in trading activity, Avalanche also experienced a price decline. Over the last seven days, its price has fallen by 7.2%, causing AVAX to fall to $35.63.

Rollblock Momentum Hits New High After Stage 2 Sells Out

Investors worldwide are flocking to the Rollblock presale following a 40% rally. This innovative GambleFi protocol quickly sold out during two presale stages, though according to experts, its recent price increases are just the start.

Rollblock is designed to revolutionize the gambling industry. It replaces outdated systems, using blockchain technology to offer greater security, scalability, and transparency. The Rollblock casino is already live and showcases over 150 games. Games include casino classics and digital games, and Rollblock will also add sports betting to its portfolio. Furthermore, the casino is fully licensed, so investors can play with full peace of mind.

In addition to its casino, players can enjoy $RBLK rewards as part of Rollblock’s revenue-sharing model. Rollblock will reward token stakers with up to 30% of the platform's daily revenue. To share revenue, Rollblock will purchase $RBLK from the open market.

Half of the purchased tokens will be burned to increase $RBLK scarcity, and the remaining tokens will be paid out in weekly rewards. Investors are currently buying $RBLK for just $0.014 during stage 3 of the Rollblock presale. Having already seen strong returns, experts believe that Rollblock could surge a massive 100x in 2024.

Rollblock Attracts Cryptocurrency Whales

Just three stages into its presale, Rollblock has caught the attention of crypto whales. The project has seen significant praise on social media, with experts stating its unique platform is unlike anything else in the market. Should whales invest, early investors will see huge returns in just a few months.

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