UP Election: BSP Will Reinstate Rule Of Law In Uttar Pradesh, Says Mayawati

UP Election: Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) president and former chief minister Mayawati said her party will reinstate rule of law in Uttar Pradesh.

BSP chief Mayawati

Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) president and former chief minister Mayawati on Thursday hit out at political opponents terming them anti-development and facilitators of injustice, and promised that her party will reinstate the rule of law and prevent migration of the youth for jobs on coming to power.

“We are fighting to form a majority government like in 2007 to get rid of the casteist, narrow-minded, arrogant and dictatorial rule of the BJP. You will have to support BSP, the only party that cares for all sections of the society, to ensure this,” Mayawati said addressing an election rally in Banda.

The BSP formed its government in 2007 assembly elections with 206 seats but its seat count reduced to 80 in 2012 elections and further to just 19 seats in 2017 election.

The Congress has been in the power for decades after Independence but due to its bad policies, it is now out of power both at the Centre and in the state, Mayawati said and added that the party "is against people from Dalit and backward communities." 

“When Congress is in power it forgets to do anything for women and people from Dalit and backward castes,” she added.

“Dacoits used to rule this area of Banda and Chitrakoot that forced locals to migrate in search of jobs. When BSP came to power we removed dacoits from this region,”  Mayawati asserted.

Hitting out at the SP government, she said, “Development of people from a particular caste was done in the previous government but the BSP government worked for the development of every section of society, including those from the backward castes. But the work done by us was undone by the Samajwadi Party and BJP when they came to power.”

She also appealed to the people that the Samajwadi Party and the BJP must not be elected to power again in the state. 

“BSP is the only party that provided employment to the youth. Our efforts not only stopped migration but also brought people who had migrated to other places back to their homes. I want to assure you that the youth will not have to migrate in search of jobs if BSP forms government. They will get employment in the state only,” said Mayawati.

The former chief minister also said that ancestors and great personalities of all communities have always been respected under BSP and it will continue when her party comes to power again.

She also questioned the state of law and order in the state under BJP and SP governments. “Women, people of backward castes and Dalits are not feeling safe under the rule of BJP. People are being harassed on the basis of their caste and religion. This will change when BSP comes to power. We will reestablish the rule of law and ensure that no one is harassed on the basis of caste and religion which is being done under the rule of BJP. Mafia and goons will be sent back to jail which is their right place,” Mayawati said. 

She said that the policies of the BJP are focused on promoting casteist, capitalist and narrow-minded ideas of the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS). This has ushered in an environment of religious tension and hate in the state.

The BSP supremo asserted that her party will work for the upliftment of people from all sections of society and criticised other parties for only releasing the manifesto with promises and forgetting them once coming to power. 

“After coming to power the Bahujan Samaj Party will work for the upliftment of people from all sections of society. We believe more in working than making promises in manifesto like other parties. Like previous years, BSP will not release a manifesto in this election,” Mayawati announced.

She also urged her supporters to be aware of "false" opinion polls and surveys being carried in the media.