Telangana: Congress' Revanth Reddy To Be Appointed As Chief Minister, Oath Likely Tomorrow

Congress' CM face Revanth Reddy is all set to be appointed as the chief minister of Telangana, as per media reports. 

Telangana's next Chief Minister Revanth Reddy

Congress' Chief Minister face Revanth Reddy is all set to be appointed to the top position tomorrow after the top Congress leadership on Tuesday met at the residence of Congress chief Mallikarjun Kharge and discussed the issue of government formation in Telangana.

It has been reported that the swearing-in ceremony is likely to take place tomorrow. 

According to PTI, the name of Revanth Reddy as chief minister in Telangana was cleared during the meeting. Reddy is the state Congress chief and is credited with the party's win in the recently concluded assembly polls.

Reportedly, Rahul Gandhi met the Congress president at his residence, where Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister D K Shivakumar was also present along with Telangana Congress in-charge Manikrao Thakre, and discussed the formalities of government formation in Telangana.

Shivakumar was one of the party's observers appointed by the leadership to talk to newly-elected MLAs in Telangana and take their views on government formation. He has already reported to the Congress president.

Meanwhile, Reddy has also been holding meetings with newly-elected party MLAs in Hyderabad.

Congress defeated the BRS in Telangana and wrested power in the southern state which it claimed had formed after bifurcating Andhra Pradesh.

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