Arunachal Pradesh: CM Pema Khandu Urges People To Reject 'Money Culture' in Elections

Addressing a public meeting at Yachuli in Lower Subansiri district on Wednesday, the chief minister urged the people to elect leaders 'based on performance' and 'not through money culture'.

Arunachal Pradesh CM Prema Khandu

Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Pema Khandu has called upon the people of the state to join his campaign against 'money culture' during elections in the state.

Addressing a public meeting at Yachuli in Lower Subansiri district on Wednesday, the chief minister urged the people to elect leaders 'based on performance' and 'not through money culture' in the assembly elections, due next year.

"We always complain against corruption. But have we ever thought where it begins? It begins when a voter casts his or her valuable vote in exchange of money. Unfortunately, in our state, the candidate who pumps out the most cash, wins the election. This must be stopped," he said.

Khandu termed money culture as the reason for eligible, capable and honest people losing out to represent their constituency and work for people's development.

"Where is the time and zest for the representative, who spends crores of rupees to win elections, to think for development. His five years will be spent to recover the spent cash, earn more cash to invest in his next election," he emphatically said.

Khandu made a fervent appeal to youngsters, society leaders, community-based organisations and religious leaders to set out against this ill so that the coming election is fought on clean and impartial grounds and sincere and honest people make it to the Legislative Assembly.

Talking about corruption, he reiterated his warning, especially to government employees, to refrain from any form of corruption or face action. 

He regretted that despite repeated warnings and government's best intentions, the incident of paper leakage occurred in one of the recruitment examinations held by the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC), in recent times.

Khandu informed that the state government took action immediately and also met all the demands made by aggrieved aspirants.

"We terminated the accused, called in CBI, called in ED (Enforcement Directorate), got a designated court to fast track the case, we have done everything possible. Investigations are not under our control. It is going on. We too hope for a logical conclusion as soon as possible," he said.

The chief minister, however, expressed concern that a few people are still in protest mode against the government on the issue and called for patience saying the government is ready to sit and talk with anybody to resolve issues if any.

Kandu said, the commission has to be set up and exams conducted for hundreds of posts waiting to be filled.

"Aspirants to various posts have been preparing for more than a year. Hundreds of posts are lying vacant. We cannot deny them their chance. The issue of appointment of members and chairman right now is subjudice. As soon as the court gives a positive verdict, we will constitute the commission, which as an autonomous body, will go ahead with the recruitment processes," he added.

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