A Poem For Late Poet Temsula Ao

Naga writer Veio Pou writes a poem for late poet Temsula Ao, who died on Sunday night. She was 76.

Poet Temsula Ao died on Sunday night at the age of 76.

For Temsula Ao

Just got the news now
Inevitably painful
Brevity of life

To say I feel sad
Isn't enough to hear you're gone
The void is too big!

You make us believe
Our songs and stories are all
Treasures to cherish.

You taught us to sing
Stories of our people you told

Your legacy lives
Generations will hear you
The voice of power.

Indigene women
Scholars, ordinary folks
Indebted for life.

Life lived long and well
There're no regrets, no more pain
You'll be in our minds.

We celebrate you
A woman epitomized
Cherish the legend!

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